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1899Kamchatka i ei︠a︡ obitateli : s risunkami, ispolnennymi po sposobu ferrotipīi, s kartoi︠u︡ Kamchatki i planom ukri︠e︡plenīi︠a︡ Petropavlovska v 1854 g.Margaritov, V.P.
1938Kitaiskii Blagoviestnik-
1940Komu v Kharbine zhit' khorosho-
19411: XXth Century - Volume 1-
Oct-1941Sunset at Cam Ranh Bay (pastel)Lehmann, O.
Oct-1941Documents of the Summer: The German-Soviet War (Speeches by Hitler, Molotov, Stalin; Polish-Soviet and Anglo-Soviet Pacts; Churchill-Roosevelt Letter to Stalin); the Pacific (Vichy Statement and Franco-Japanese Agreement on French Indo-China; Freezing Order in USA; Netherlands East Indies Statement); Petain Radio SpeechEditorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Oct-1941Thailand - Old and New (illustrated)Abegg, Lily
Oct-1941Russia and the Great War, 1914-1917Trautmann, Oskar Paul, 1877-
Oct-1941No Wild Men in BorneoDu Berrier, Hilaire, 1906-
Oct-1941Bolshevism and its PedigreeMehnert, Klaus, 1906-1984
Oct-1941High Lights of the German-Soviet WarPrincipini, O.
Oct-1941Indo-ChinaEditorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Oct-1941Aloha (illustrated)Mehnert, Klaus, 1906-1984
Oct-1941Review of English Language Magazines on AsiaEditorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Oct-1941The Magazines of JapanTakahashi, S. [Takahashi, Sankichi, 1882-1966?]
Oct-1941Review of Japanese MagazinesEditorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Oct-1941Book Reviews (Hawaii: Restless Rampart, by Joseph Barber, Jr.; Zarojdenye I Razvitye Tikookeadskogo Uzla Protivoretchii (The Origin and Development of the Knot of Controversies in the Pacific Area), by V. Motylev; Chinas Erneuerung. Der Raum als Waffe (China's Rebirth, Space as a Weapon), by Dr. Lily Abegg; The Nine Magazines of Kodansha. The autobiography of a Japanese publisher, by Seiji Noma)Editorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Oct-1941In Search of PompeiLennard, Catherine
Oct-1941The Guardian (sculpture)Breker, Arno, 1900-1991