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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1922Bilder aus IndienSievers, Johannes
1891Catalogue of the Coins in the Government MuseumLahore Museum (Pakistan)
1922Dârâb Hormazyâr's RivâyatHormzyar, Darab
1875Die Nachrichten des Rig und Atharveda über Geographie, Geschichte, Verfassung des alten IndienLudwig, Alfred, 1832-1912
1850Division of the Categories of the Nyáya Philosophy-
1833Fragments of Voyages and Travels [Volume One]Hall, Basil (1788-1844)
1833Fragments of Voyages and Travels [Volume Three]Hall, Basil (1788-1844)
1833Fragments of Voyages and Travels [Volume Two]Hall, Basil (1788-1844)
1973Himalayan Buddhist art : Thangka prints, IJamspal, L., 1936-
1975Himalayan Buddhist art : Thangka prints, IIJamspal, L., 1936-
1977Himalayan Buddhist art : Thangka prints, IIIJamspal, L., 1936-
1846The Hindoos [Volume One]-
1846The Hindoos [Volume Two]-
1835Historical sketch of the introduction of Christianity into India, and its progress and present state in that and other eastern countries : preceded by a brief account of the religious opinions of some of the heathen philosophers before and after the coming of Christ-
1903Indian sketch-book : impressions of the East and the Great DurbarRaven-Hill, L. [Leonard]
1864Le Ramayana : Poème Sanscrit de ValmikyVālmīki
1885A Literatura E A Relijião Dos Arias Na IndiaAbreu, G. de Vasconcellos
1870Old Deccan Days or, Hindoo Fairy Legends Current in Southern IndiaFrere, Mary (1845-1911)
1898The Story of the Malakand Field Force : An Episode of Frontier WarChurchill, Winston (1874-1965)
1899Typical Pictures of Indian Natives; Being Reproductions From Specially Prepared Hand-Coloured Photographs, With Descriptive LetterpressColeman, F.M.