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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1932The Native Music of American SamoaDensmore, Frances
1939New and Local Kin Groups Among the Japanese Farmers of Kona, HawaiiEmbree, John F.
1959The Nonunilinear Descent Groups of SamoaEmber, Melvin
1921Observations on the Anthropology of HawaiiKroeber, A.L.
1959Peace and Progress in New GuineaBarnett, H.G.
1911Phonetics of the Micronesian Language of the Marshall IslandsKroeber, A.L.
1957Political Organization, Supernatural Sanctions and the Punishment for Incest on YapSchneider, David M.
1937Polynesian Anthropology TodayBeaglehole, Ernest
1959Polynesian Cultural Distributions in New PerspectiveVayda, Andrew Peter
1931Polynesian LeisBrown, E.D.W.
1949Premarital Freedom on Truk: Theory and PracticeGoodenough, Ward H.
1955A Problem in Malayo-Polynesian Social OrganizationGoodenough, Ward H.
1932The Problem of the Sweet Potato in PolynesiaDixon, Roland B.
1940Professional Beauties of Normanby IslandRoheim, Geza
1948The Puzzle of HulaPollenz, Philippa
1915Race in the Pacific Area, with Special Reference to the Origin of the American Indians: Antiquity of OccupationMacCurdy, George Grant
1924Race Types in PolynesiaSullivan, Louis R.
1949The Relations of Men, Animals, and Plants in an Island Community (Fiji)Thompson, Laura
1952Respect Behavior on Ponape: An Ethnolinguistic StudyGarvin, Paul L.; Riesenberg, S.H.
1958Sexuality and Aggression on Romonum, TrukSwartz, Marc J.