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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1899Hawaiian GamesCulin, Stewart
1902Guam and Its PeopleSafford, William Edwin
1903The Chamorro Language of GuamSafford, William Edwin
1903The Chamorro Language of Guam - IISafford, William Edwin
1905The Chamorro Language of Guam - VSafford, William Edwin
1906Unwritten Literature of HawaiiEmerson, Nathaniel B.
1911Phonetics of the Micronesian Language of the Marshall IslandsKroeber, A.L.
1915Chieftainship and the Sister's Son in the PacificHocart, A.M.
1915Sun-Cult and Megaliths in OceaniaRivers, W.H.R.
1915Race in the Pacific Area, with Special Reference to the Origin of the American Indians: Antiquity of OccupationMacCurdy, George Grant
1916The Terms of Relationship of Pentecost IslandSwanton, John R.
1917Hawaiian Shark AumakuaBeckwith, Martha Warren
1919The Melanesian Possessives and a Study in MethodRay, Sidney H.
1920Some Conclusions and Suggestions Regarding the Polynesian ProblemHandy, Edward S.
1921The Supernatural in TongaCollocott, E.E.V.
1921Observations on the Anthropology of HawaiiKroeber, A.L.
1922Hawaiian RiddlingBeckwith, Martha Warren
1924The Shaman of NiueLoeb, E.M.
1924Race Types in PolynesiaSullivan, Louis R.
1924Hawaiian Customs and Beliefs Relating to Birth and InfancyGreen, Laura C.; Beckwith, Martha W.