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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1939Breed and Border in PolynesiaBurrows, Edwin G.
1950Changes in the Form and Function of Hawaiian HulasPollenz, Philippa
1938Hawaiian Astronomical ConceptsMakemson, Maud W.
1924Hawaiian Customs and Beliefs Relating to Birth and InfancyGreen, Laura C.; Beckwith, Martha W.
1899Hawaiian GamesCulin, Stewart
1928Hawaiian Household CustomsGreen, Laura C.; Beckwith, Martha W.
1951Hawaiian Literary Style and CultureElbert, Samuel H.
1922Hawaiian RiddlingBeckwith, Martha Warren
1917Hawaiian Shark AumakuaBeckwith, Martha Warren
1932The Native Music of American SamoaDensmore, Frances
1939New and Local Kin Groups Among the Japanese Farmers of Kona, HawaiiEmbree, John F.
1959The Nonunilinear Descent Groups of SamoaEmber, Melvin
1921Observations on the Anthropology of HawaiiKroeber, A.L.
1937Polynesian Anthropology TodayBeaglehole, Ernest
1959Polynesian Cultural Distributions in New PerspectiveVayda, Andrew Peter
1931Polynesian LeisBrown, E.D.W.
1932The Problem of the Sweet Potato in PolynesiaDixon, Roland B.
1948The Puzzle of HulaPollenz, Philippa
1924Race Types in PolynesiaSullivan, Louis R.
1924The Shaman of NiueLoeb, E.M.