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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1953Adoption on MokilWeckler, J.E.
1955Avunculocal Residence on LosapFischer, J.L.
1939Breed and Border in PolynesiaBurrows, Edwin G.
1957Disputing in TanguBurridge, Kenelm O.L.
1957Land Use and the Extended Family in Moala, FijiSahlins, Marshall D.
1947Law and Force in Papuan SocietiesFortune, R.F.
1939New and Local Kin Groups Among the Japanese Farmers of Kona, HawaiiEmbree, John F.
1959The Nonunilinear Descent Groups of SamoaEmber, Melvin
1949Premarital Freedom on Truk: Theory and PracticeGoodenough, Ward H.
1955A Problem in Malayo-Polynesian Social OrganizationGoodenough, Ward H.
1940Professional Beauties of Normanby IslandRoheim, Geza
1958Sexuality and Aggression on Romonum, TrukSwartz, Marc J.
1916The Terms of Relationship of Pentecost IslandSwanton, John R.
1950Ulithi and the Outer Native WorldLessa, William A.
1953Yap Kinship Terminology and Kin GroupsSchneider, David M.