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1991An Early Hawaiian VocabularyDay, A. Grove
199125 Table of Contents - Hawaiian journal of historyHawaiian Historical Society
1991Doctor Georges Phillipe Trousseau, Royal PhysicianGreenwell, Jean
1991Measuring the Mountain: the United States Exploring Expedition on Mauna Loa, 1840-1841Sprague, Roberta A.
1991Riot, Mutiny, Killing, and Cannibalism: George Brown's Maui TourGreer, Richard A.
1991Hawaiiana in 1990: A Bibliography of Titles of Historical InterestKaihara, Yasuto
1991Notes & QueriesSchmitt, Robert C.; Stewart, Liane Ulumealani; Stewart, Robert Campbell; Schumacher, W. Wilfried; Wood, Christopher; Hackler, Rhoda E.A.; Riznik, Barnes
1991Financing Revolution: Sun Yat-sen and the Overthrow of the Ch'ing DynastyDamon, Allen F.
1991Aftermath: Britons' Responses to News of the Death of Captain James CookBushnell, O.A.
1991Pearl Harbor, the Army Corps of Engineers, and Punahou's Cereus HedgeFitzgerald, Donald
1991Earliest Ascents of Mauna Loa Volcano, Hawai'iBarnard, Walther M.
1991Book ReviewsPeacock, Karen M.; Schweizer, Niklaus R.; Pollock, Nancy J.; Wagner-Wright, Sandra; Schmitt, Robert C.; Frankel, Charles E.; Henderson, John R.
1991Solar Eclipses in Hawai'iKyselka, Will
1991Short History of Hawaiian Executions, 1826-1947Theroux, Joseph
1991Some Movies We MissedSchmitt, Robert C.
1991King Kalakaua: An International PerspectiveSchweizer, Niklaus R.
199125 Advertisements and Abbreviations - Hawaiian journal of historyHawaiian Historical Society