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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
199125 Advertisements and Abbreviations - Hawaiian journal of historyHawaiian Historical Society
199125 Table of Contents - Hawaiian journal of historyHawaiian Historical Society
1991Aftermath: Britons' Responses to News of the Death of Captain James CookBushnell, O.A.
1991Book ReviewsPeacock, Karen M.; Schweizer, Niklaus R.; Pollock, Nancy J.; Wagner-Wright, Sandra; Schmitt, Robert C.; Frankel, Charles E.; Henderson, John R.
1991Doctor Georges Phillipe Trousseau, Royal PhysicianGreenwell, Jean
1991Earliest Ascents of Mauna Loa Volcano, Hawai'iBarnard, Walther M.
1991An Early Hawaiian VocabularyDay, A. Grove
1991Financing Revolution: Sun Yat-sen and the Overthrow of the Ch'ing DynastyDamon, Allen F.
1991Hawaiiana in 1990: A Bibliography of Titles of Historical InterestKaihara, Yasuto
1991King Kalakaua: An International PerspectiveSchweizer, Niklaus R.
1991Measuring the Mountain: the United States Exploring Expedition on Mauna Loa, 1840-1841Sprague, Roberta A.
1991Notes & QueriesSchmitt, Robert C.; Stewart, Liane Ulumealani; Stewart, Robert Campbell; Schumacher, W. Wilfried; Wood, Christopher; Hackler, Rhoda E.A.; Riznik, Barnes
1991Pearl Harbor, the Army Corps of Engineers, and Punahou's Cereus HedgeFitzgerald, Donald
1991Riot, Mutiny, Killing, and Cannibalism: George Brown's Maui TourGreer, Richard A.
1991Short History of Hawaiian Executions, 1826-1947Theroux, Joseph
1991Solar Eclipses in Hawai'iKyselka, Will
1991Some Movies We MissedSchmitt, Robert C.