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1992Notes & QueriesArdolino, Frank; Schumacher, W. Wilfried; Kawaharada, Dennis
199226 Advertisements and Abbreviations - Hawaiian journal of historyHawaiian Historical Society
1992Book ReviewsApple, Russell A.; Rose, Roger G.; Chappell, David A.; Chapin, Henry B.; Reppun, Marilyn L.; Nomura, Gail M.; Andrade, Ernest Jr.; Schmitt, Robert C.; Hinz, Earl R.; Boylan, Daniel; Peterson, Barbara Bennett; Cartwright, James F.; Lapilio, T. Lani Ma'a
1992Anthony D. Allen: A Prosperous American of African Descent in Early 19th Century Hawai'iScruggs, Marc
1992Kulaokahu'a and Thomas Square: from Boom to Bust to NowGreer, Richard A.
1992Two Hawaiian Careers in Grand OperaHall, Dale E.
1992Hawaiiana in 1991: A Bibliography of Titles of Historical InterestTachihata, Chieko
1992Hawaiian TimeSchmitt, Robert C.; Cox, Doak C.
1992Notes on the History of the Hawaiian Historical Society: A Centennial Year ObservationJohnson, Donald D.
1992Sojourner: My Grandmother Shige OshitaKono, Juliet S.
1992Mai Ke Kai Mai Ke Ola, from the Ocean Comes Life: Hawaiian Customs, Uses, and Practices on Kaho'olawe Relating to the Surrounding OceanMcgregor, Davianna Pomaika'i; Aluli, Noa Emmett
1992Hawai'i and the Gold Rush: George Allen of the Hudson's Bay Company Reports on His 1848 Mission in Pursuit of Captain John SutterSpoehr, Alexander
1992Albert Edward Kauikeaouli Leiopapa a Kamehameha, Prince of Hawai'iHackler, Rhoda E.A.
1992Waimea, Kaua'i in 1839: An Account by Louis Thiercelin, Whaling DoctorMortelier, Christiane
1992Duke of Portland, the Traveller, and the Prince Regent: Three Little-known Vessels from AustraliaJackson, Frances
1992Doctor Auguste Jean Baptiste and Evelyn Oliver MarquesBouslog, Charles S.
199226 Table of Contents - Hawaiian journal of historyHawaiian Historical Society
1992More Movies We MissedSchmitt, Robert C.
1992Notes on TranslationOkumura, Mutsuyo