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1998Along the Old Honolulu WaterfrontGreer, Richard A.
1998Book ReviewsPak, Gary; Pang, Loretta; Edmond, Rod; Dye, Tom; Stepien, E. Rick; Hagen, Jerome T.
1998U.S. Army on Kaua'i, 1909-1942Dorrance, William H.
1998Ho'ohui'aina Pala Ka Mai'a: Remembering Annexation One Hundred Years AgoAli, Mehmed
1998New Deal Search for a Governor of Hawai'iMelendy, H. Brett
199832 Table of Contents - Hawaiian journal of historyHawaiian Historical Society
1998Notes & QueriesSchmitt, Robert C.
199832 Advertisements and Abbreviations - Hawaiian journal of historyHawaiian Historical Society
1998Voice"less" Hawaiian: An Analysis of Educational Policymaking, 1820-1960Benham, Maenette K.P.
1998French Perspective on the Laplace AffairBirkett, Mary Ellen
1998Keopuolani: Sacred Wife, Queen Mother, 1778-1823Mookini, Esther T.
1998House Calls, Long DistanceDooley, Mary True
1998Hawaiiana in 1997: A Bibliography of Titles of Historical InterestTachihata, Chieko; Hori, Joan; Morris, Nancy J.; Toyama, Cheryl
1998Sun Yat-sen's Fund-Raising Activities in Hawai'iLum, Yansheng Ma; Lum, Raymond Mun Kong
1998Hawai'i's War Veterans and Battle DeathsSchmitt, Robert C.