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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Dec-1987Community Geothermal Technology program: Cloth dyeing by geothermal steam. An experiment in technology transfer from Japan to Hawaii, Final reportFurumoto, Augustine S.
1-Oct-1989Community Geothermal Technology program: Experimental lumber drying kiln. Final reportLeaman, Denver.; Irwin, Bill
20-Jan-1988Community Geothermal Technology Program: Hawaii glass project. Final reportMiller, Norman.; Irwin, Bill
1989Community Geothermal Technology program: Silica bronze project. Final reportBianchini, Henry
1-Sep-1980Comparative assessment of five potential sites for hydrothermal-magma systems : Energy transportHardee, HC
1991Composition of waters from the research drill hole at summit of Kilauea Volcano and of selected thermal and non-thermal groundwaters, HawaiiTilling, Robert I.; Jones, Blair F.
14-Mar-1977Computer performance matching and prediction of geothermal reservoirs : technical report no. 22Seki, Arthur S.; Chen, Bill H.; Takahashi, Patrick K.
1986Concentrations of Non-Criteria Air Pollutants in the Vicinity of the Geysers, CaliforniaAltshuler, Samuel L.; Arcado, Theodore D.; Lin, Dr. Chin-I
30-Sep-1974Conceptual design 10 MW experimental power generation facility-
1984Conceptual design appendices A-N (Extracted from Hawaii Deep Water Cable Program Bottom Roughness Survey of the Alenuihaha Channel May 1986.)[Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc., Edward K. Noda and Associates, and the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics]
3-Nov-1978Conceptual design report : HGP-A wellhead generator proof-of-feasibility project-
Conceptual geothermal system-
1-May-1995A conceptual model of shallow groundwater flow within the lower east rift zone of Kilauea Volcano, HawaiiNovak, Elizabeth A.
Nov-1994Condition of Well KA1-1ThermaSource, Inc.
Mar-1989Conservation district use application and environmental assessment, Pohoiki Geothermal Transmission LineDHM, Inc.
Feb-1981Conservation District Use Application for the designation of 12 commission-recommended natural area reservesNatural Area Reserves System, Department of Land and Natural Resources, State of Hawaii
Sep-1981Conservation district use application for the Estate of James Campbell for geothermal exploration in Puna, HawaiiR. M. Towill Corporation
20-Aug-1985Conservation district use application to permit geothermal development activities on state lands, Puna district, island of Hawaii dated August 20, 1985Estate of James Campbell
1990Constructing Puna Wells - 1990-
1992Consultant documents for Duey Milner-