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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-1987Geothermal resource subzones, island of Hawaii : Kilauea Middle East Rift, Kamaili section, and Kapoho sectionR.M. Towill Corporation
1986Geothermal Resources Assessment in Hawaii: ArticleThomas, Donald M.
1985Geothermal Resources Assessment in Hawaii: Final ReportThomas, Donald M.
Geothermal resources assessment program geosciences proposalThomas, Donald M.
1989Geothermal Resources Council 1989 Annual Meeting, October 1-5, 1989, Santa Rosa, CaliforniaGeothermal Resources Council
1984Geothermal Resources Development, State of HawaiiState of Hawaii, Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of Water and Land Development
Mar-1984Geothermal Resources Development: C-100-
Geothermal resources in Puna, Hawaii-
Feb-1981Geothermal resources mining lease no. R-1-
Feb-1981Geothermal resources mining lease no. R-2-
May-1981Geothermal resources mining lease no. R-3-
Jun-1987Geothermal resources mining lease no. R-5-
1979Geothermal Resources Mining Lease No. S-4602 between State of Hawaii and the Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii-
1981Geothermal Resources Mining Lease No.: R-1 - R-4-
1985Geothermal Resources Mining Lease No.: R-4 between State of Hawaii, Department of Land and Natural Resources and Puna Geothermal Venture-
1983Geothermal Resources of Hawaii-
1983Geothermal resources of HawaiiHawaii Institute of Geophysics, University of Hawaii
1-Aug-1989Geothermal roundtable on August 1, 1989-
1993Geothermal Royalties-
17-Aug-1993Geothermal Royalty Calculation-