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1974Hawaii Geothermal Project: A Parametric Study of a Vertical Heat Exchanger Designed for Geothermal Power Plant ApplicationShimozono, Gary; Chai, Hi Chang; Kihara, Deane
1974Hawaii Geothermal Project: Characteristics of Vapor Flashing Geothermal PlantsAhluwalia, Rajesh K.; Chou, James C.S.
1974Hawaii Geothermal Project: Steady State Free Convection in an Unconfined Geothermal ReservoirCheng, Ping; Lau, K.H.
1974Hawaii Geothermal Project: Regenerative Vapor Cycle with Isobutane as Working FluidChou, James C.S.; Ahluwalia, Rajesh K.; Woo, Eric Y.K.
1-Jan-1974Warm water wells on the Island of Hawaii : Technical memorandum #1 January 1, 1974Shito, Susan
Feb-1974Preliminary report on legal and public policy setting for geothermal resource development in HawaiiKamins, Robert M.; Kornreich, Donald; Sheets, George
Feb-1974Geothermal power economics : an annotated bibliographyEl-Ramly, N.; Peterson, Richard Einer; Seo, K.K.
8-Feb-1974Artificial geothermal reservoirs in hot volcanic rockAamodt, R.L.
1-Mar-1974Hawaii Geothermal Project : Engineering program : Quarterly report no. 3Augustus, Joseph; Chai, Hi Chang; Chen, Bill; Cheng, Ping; Chou, James C.S.; Kihara, Deane; Lau, Kah Hie; Takahashi, Patrick.; Yuen, Paul
1-Apr-1974Library technical memorandum #2 April 1, 1974Shito, Susan
1-Apr-1974Experimental Resistivity Electrode Emplacement for the Hawaii Geothermal ProjectBrandvold, GE
Jun-1974State management of geothermal energy in HawaiiMark, Shelley M.; Grabbe, Eugene M.
Sep-1974Geothermal reservoir and well test analysis : A literature survey : Technical memorandum No. 2Chen, Bill
16-Sep-1974Hawaii Geothermal Project : Engineering program : Quarterly report no. 4Chai, Hi Chang; Chen, Bill; Cheng, Ping; Chou, James C.S.; Kihara, Deane; Lau, Kah Hie; Lau, L. Stephen; Takahashi, Patrick.; Yuen, Paul
30-Sep-1974Conceptual design 10 MW experimental power generation facility-
Oct-1974A time-domain electromagnetic survey of the East Rift Zone, Kilauea Volcano, HawaiiSkokan, Catherine King
Nov-1974Magma-Tap : The ultimate geothermal energy programColp, John L.
Dec-1974Geothermal exploration : An evaluation of the microseismic groundnoise methodSkokan, Jacob Jerome
1975Hawaii Geothermal Project - Phase II revision to proposal AER7500285-000Shupe, John W.; Woollard, George P.; Craven, John P.; Furumoto, Augustine S.; Yuen, Paul C.; Kamins, Robert M.; Abbott, Agatin T.
1975A coordinated exploration program for geothermal sources on the island of HawaiiFurumoto, Augustine S.