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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19841984 - General Subzone Information-
1989Analysis and Recommended Development of Barnwell Acreage, Puna Geothermal Field, Island of Hawaii-
23-Jan-2464Annotated bibliography : Seismicity of and near the island of Hawaii and seismic hazard analysis of the East Rift of KilaueaKlein, Fred W.
1975A coordinated exploration program for geothermal sources on the island of HawaiiFurumoto, Augustine S.
1989Environmental Impact Statement for Pohoiki Geothermal Transmission Line : Final.DHM, Inc.
1988Field applications of fiber-optic sensors : 1. Temperature measurements in a geothermal well (Report)Angel, SM; Garvis, DG; Sharma, SK; Seki, Arthur S.
1989Field applications of fiber-optic sensors. Part I : Temperature measurements in a geothermal well (Publication)Angel, SM; Garvis, DG; Sharma, SK; Seki, Arthur S.
1990Field testing of an optical fiber temperature sensor in a geothermal wellAngel, SM; Garvis, DG; Sharma, SK; Seki, Arthur S.
1997Final environmental assessment and finding of no significant impact : South Hilo District, Hawaii Island, State of Hawaii.The Hawaii Scientific Drilling Project.
1986Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement to the Revised Environmental Impact Statement for the Kahauale'a Geothermal Project.True/Mid-Pacific Geothermal Venture
1981Geology and Drilling History of Lanipua #1 Geothermal Test, Tokyo Lands Prospect, HawaiiCampbell, Archibald R.; Gardner, Murray C.
1981Geophysical reconnaissance of prospective geothermal areas on the Island of Hawaii using electrical methodsKauahikaua, James P.
1991Geothermal Drilling Program for Barnwell Geothermal Corporation.Craddick, Willis R.
Apr-1978Geothermal reservoir engineering : performance matching and predictingSeki, Arthur S.; Chen, Bill H.; Takahashi, Patrick K.
1979Geothermal Resources Mining Lease No. S-4602 between State of Hawaii and the Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii-
1986The Hawaii Geothermal Application ProgramTakahashi, Patrick K.; Seki, Arthur S.; Chen, Bill H.
Feb-1986Hawaii Geothermal Project-
1976HGP-A wellhead generator feasibility project-
1990The Kilauea east rift zone : geothermal evaluation of the existing data : draft report for the State of Hawaii, Department of Business and Economic Development, and Tourism-
1983Lanipuna: reports and communicationCampbell, Archibald R.; Gardner, Murray C.