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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-1984Archaeological reconnaissance and historical surveys of lands at Kapoho, Puna, Hawaiʻi IslandBishop Museum
1990Daily construction reports on True Geothermal, 1989-90-
1991Daily construction reports reports on True Geothermal, 1990-91-
11-Jan-1990Energy Efficiency and Least-Cost Planning: The Best Way To Save Money and Reduce Energy Use In Hawaii (01/11/1990)Mowris, Robert J.
1986Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement to the Revised Environmental Impact Statement for the Kahauale'a Geothermal Project.True/Mid-Pacific Geothermal Venture
General correspondence papers on True/Mid Pacific Geothermal Venture Well Site No. 2-
1991Historic preservation review of True Geothermal Energy Company proposed well site #2-
1983In the matter of the conservation district use application of the Estate of James Campbell to permit as a conditional use the exploration and the development of geothermal resources within approximately 21, 943 acres of conservation district lands at Kahauale'a, Puna, Island and County of Hawaii : proposed findings of fact, conclusions of law, order, exhibit "A," table A, figure I, certificate of serviceMatsubara, Benjamin M.; Rezents, Stephanie A.
26-Oct-1990An inventory survey at the site of the proposed Kilauea Middle East Rift Zone (KMERZ)Kennedy, Joseph
1991KMERZ Well No. KA2-1 : Geothermal Exploration Well Program-
Miscellaneous court case papers for Pele Defense Fund vs. Board of Land and Natural Resources-
Miscellaneous draft papers regarding hapu'u removal from True/Mid Pacific Geothermal Venture project site-
Miscellaneous legal correspondence regarding True Geothermal Venture-
Miscellaneous papers on the approval of amendments to plan of operation for True/Mid-Pacific Geothermal Wellsite A-1 and related access road, Puna, Hawaii-
Miscellaneous papers on True Wells KA2-1 and KA3-1-
1994Miscellaneous papers regarding Campbell Estate land exchange-
28-Dec-1984Miscellaneous transcriptions : Kilauea upper east rift zone-
1985Proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law and memorandum of law of intervenors Ralph Palikapu O`Kamohoali`i Dedman and Dr. Noa Emmett Auwae AluliLuebben, Thomas E.
1-Jun-1981Qualification Plan for Phase One of True-MidPacific Geothermal Venture: James Campbell - Kahaualea Project, Island of Hawaii-
1982Revised Environmental Impact Statement for the Kahauale’a Geothermal Project, District of Puna, Island of Hawaii, State of Hawaii.R.M. Towill Corporation