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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Jun-2993Analysis of volatile-phase transport in soils using natural radon gas as a tracerChen, C.; Thomas, Donald M.
Aug-1983Chemical and isotopic studies of the HGP-A geothermal wellThomas, Donald M.; Sakai, Hitoshi
1979Chloride/Magnesium Ratio of Shallow Groundwaters as a Regional Geothermal Indicator in HawaiiCox, Malcolm E.; Thomas, Donald M.
1979Cl/Mg Ratio of Hawaiian Groundwaters as a Regional Geothermal IndicatorCox, Malcolm E.; Thomas, Donald M.
1989Correspondence between Donald Thomas, geologist at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and the Department of Health, State of Hawaii, regarding the geothermal well drilling operation and ground water contaminationThomas, Donald M.; Lewin, John C.
Jan-1990DOWALD review of HGP-A well construction history and integrityThomas, Donald M.
18-Mar-1994Draft: Interim Progress Report - Geochemistry Monitoring ProgramThomas, Donald M.
1982Final Report for State of Hawaii DPED Allotment, Advice No. 166 and DPED Contract 1102, Hawaii Geothermal Assessment ProgramThomas, Donald M.
1982A Geochemical Case History of the HGP-A Well, 1976-1982Thomas, Donald M.
1987A geochemical model of the Kilauea east rift zoneThomas, Donald M.
1988Geochemical Precursors to Seismic ActivityThomas, Donald M.
1978Geochemistry of a Hawaii Geothermal Well: HGP-AKroopnick, Peter M.; Lau, L.S.; Buddemeier, R.W.; Thomas, Donald M.
Oct-1987The Geochemistry of the HGP-A Geothermal Well: A Review and an UpdateThomas, Donald M.
1980Geothermal EnergyFowler, Nancy; Thomas, Donald M.; Yen, Winifred
May-1983A geothermal primer; some issues and some answersThomas, Donald M.
27-Jan-2012Geothermal research at the Puna Facility : Final reportChen, Bill; Takahashi, Patrick.; Thomas, Donald M.
Sep-1979Geothermal Resource Assessment for HawaiiThomas, Donald M.
1986Geothermal Resources Assessment in Hawaii: ArticleThomas, Donald M.
1985Geothermal Resources Assessment in Hawaii: Final ReportThomas, Donald M.
Geothermal resources assessment program geosciences proposalThomas, Donald M.