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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-1987Chemical behaviour of geothermal silica after precipitation from geothermal fluids with inorganic flocculating agents at the Hawaii Geothermal Project Well-A (HGP-A)De Carlo, EH
1973Chemical Quality of Ground Water in Hawaii Report R48-
Dec-1985Chemistry, scale, and performance of the Hawaii Geothermal Project-A plantBaughman, EC; Uemura, R.T.
1990Community Geothermal Technology program : Electrodeposition of minerals in geothermal brineOceanit Laboratories, Inc.
1984Corrosion Tests in Hawaiian Geothermal FluidsLarsen-Basse, Jorn; Lam, Kam-Fai
1981Environmental overview program for alternate energy development : final reportSiegel, S.M.; Siegel, B.Z.
Fate of sodium sulfide and sodium bisulfide in steam muffler effluent[unknown]
1978Geochemistry of a Hawaii Geothermal Well: HGP-AKroopnick, Peter M.; Lau, L.S.; Buddemeier, R.W.; Thomas, Donald M.
1990Geothermal Fluid Analysis-
1-Jul-1983Hawaii basic data for thermal springs and wells as recorded in geothermBliss, JD
Feb-1986Hawaii Geothermal Project-
14-Feb-1978Hawaii Geothermal Project : geotoxicology (4.1)Siegel, Barbara Z.; Siegel, Sanford Marvin
The HGP-A generator facility : Reservoir characteristics and operating history : EPRI research project 1195-12Thomas, Donald M.
1980HGP-A Wellhead Generator Project, Well Test Report, January 3-18, 1980Hawaii Geothermal Project
7-Jun-1989Inventory of Wells in the Lower Puna DistrictPerry, Jennifer
1978Isotopes and Gases in a Hawaiian Geothermal System: HGP-AThomas, Donald M.; Kroopnick, Peter M.
1-Apr-1990Puna Geothermal Venture Hydrologic Monitoring Program-
1994Puna Geothermal Venture, Test Data for KS-3, KS-7, KS-8, MW-1, MW-2, and MW-3.-
1989Research Directions in Solids Deposition in Geothermal SystemsThomas, D.M.; Gudmundsson, J.S.
1-Jul-1986Review and problem definition of water/rock reactions associated with injection of spent geothermal fluids from a geothermal plant into aquifersElders, WA