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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Jan-1986Eleventh workshop on geothermal reservoir engineering: ProceedingsRamey, H.J. Jr.; Kruger, P.; Miller, FG.; Horne, RN.; Brigham, WE.; Counsil, JR
1978Geothermal energy in Hawaii : present and futureShupe, John W.; Yuen, Paul C.
Sep-1974Geothermal reservoir and well test analysis : A literature survey : Technical memorandum No. 2Chen, Bill
Apr-1978Geothermal reservoir engineering : performance matching and predictingSeki, Arthur S.; Chen, Bill H.; Takahashi, Patrick K.
1979Geothermal Resources Mining Lease No. S-4602 between State of Hawaii and the Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii-
1-Sep-1973Hawaii Geothermal Project : Engineering program : Quarterly report no. 1Augustus, Joseph; Chai, Hi Chang; Chen, Bill; Cheng, Ping; Chou, James C.S.; Kihara, Deane; Lau, Kah Hie; Takahashi, Patrick.; Yuen, Paul
Oct-1991Modeling hydrogeology and geothermal energy in the Kilauea East Rift Zone, Hawaii : A preproposal-
15-Feb-1990Overview of Proposed Geothermal Development in Hawaii-
Sep-1980Progress report on HGP-A wellhead generator feasibility projectChen, Bill H.; Lopez, Louis P.; Kuwada, James T.; Farrington, Ray J.
30-Apr-1976Similarity solutions for convection of groundwater adjacent to horizontal impermeable surfaces with axisymmetric temperature distribution : Technical report No. 14Cheng, P.; Chau, WC
Jul-1975State-of-the-art of geothermal reservoir engineeringTakahashi, Patrick K.; Chen, Bill H.; Mashima, Ken I.; Seki, Arthur S.
Apr-1979Well test analysis of HGP-AChen, Bill H.; Kihara, Deane H.; Seki, Arthur S.; Yuen, Paul C.