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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-1994Application for permit to plug and abandon well no. KA1-1 at Puna, HawaiiTrue Geothermal Energy Company
Nov-1994Condition of Well KA1-1ThermaSource, Inc.
1989Geothermal well inspections for Ashida 1, HGP-A, KS-1, KS-1-A, KS-2, Lanipuna 1, and Lanipuna 6 from 1987 to 1989Ota, Morris; Nakano, Dean
Dec-2014Hawaii geothermal drilling guide : Circular C-126Falconer, Amber; Granados, Eduardo; Klein, Christopher; Lovekin, James
3-Feb-1998HGP-A well abandonment proposalRickard, Wm M.
Nov-1991KS-1A testing and inspectionPuna Geothermal Venture
1994Mini-Max Datalogger download instructions-
1992Near-infrared fiber optic : temperature sensorSchoen, Christian; Sharma, Shiv K.; Seki, Arthur; Angel, Stanley M.
1992A research program for development and field testing of fiber-optic sensors for monitoring geological environments : proposal to U.S. Department of EnergySharma, Shiv K.; Cooney, Thomas F.; Olson, Harry
May-1982Response of the HGP-A development group to the County of Hawaii Planning Department regarding issues relating to Special Permit no. 392Kono, Hideto; Shupe, John W.; Kearns, H Stuart
Sep-2010Summary report : KA1-1 & SOH-4 geothermal well sites, Puna District, Hawaii, HawaiiOceanit
Jun-1991Venting/testing KS-8Puna Geothermal Venture
Sep-2010Well plugging report : geothermal wells KA1-1 & SOH-4Oceanit