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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-1986Geothermal exploration permit application for Puna Geothermal Venture to conduct a controlled source audio magnetotelluric surveyThermal Power Company
1991Geothermal General Correspondence-
1995Geothermal Geographical Information System (GIS) Data Files-
Oct-1991Geothermal management plan (1991)-
18-Jun-1992Geothermal management plan (1992)-
1991Geothermal Memos and General Info-
1994Geothermal Memos and General Information-
1990Geothermal Permits-
17-Dec-2002Geothermal Program - Strategy and Implementation Plan Status-
Dec-2002Geothermal program - strategy and implementation plan status, December 17, 2002Department of Land and Natural Resources, State of Hawaii
Nov-1990Geothermal Program Planning Workshop in November 1990-
1993Geothermal Project Environmental Impact StatementPaty, William W.
Mar-1984Geothermal resource developments : State of HawaiiNakano, Dean A.; Sakoda, Edwin; Imada, Neal
1996Geothermal Resource Mining Lease R-5-
1991Geothermal Resource Subzones-
Jan-1985The geothermal resource subzones in Puna, HawaiiBoard of Land and Natural Resources, State of Hawaii
1989Geothermal Resources Council 1989 Annual Meeting, October 1-5, 1989, Santa Rosa, CaliforniaGeothermal Resources Council
1984Geothermal Resources Development, State of HawaiiState of Hawaii, Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of Water and Land Development
Mar-1984Geothermal Resources Development: C-100-
Geothermal resources in Puna, Hawaii-