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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-May-1991Calculations of Royalties Netback MethodMorris, Steven E.
Jul-2001Cancellation of the geothermal lease between the State of Hawaii and the Puna Geothermal Venture (draft)Department of Land and Natural Resources, State of Hawaii
7-Mar-1991CDUA HA-2258 -- Historic preservation review of archaeological survey and monitoring plans for geothermal transmission line no. 1. Pohoiki through Keaau, Puna, Hawaii : TMK: 1-3 through 4-various sectionsPaty, William W.
1993CDUA Procedures-
1984Chapter 183 - Leasing and Drilling of Geothermal Resources-
Chapter 196D : Geothermal and cable system developmentState of Hawaii
1945Chapter 83, employees of public utilities, from revised laws of Hawaii 1945State of Hawaii
Chapters 196D, 205, and 205A in the Hawaii Revised StatutesState of Hawaii
1973Chemical Quality of Ground Water in Hawaii Report R48-
1986Concentrations of Non-Criteria Air Pollutants in the Vicinity of the Geysers, CaliforniaAltshuler, Samuel L.; Arcado, Theodore D.; Lin, Dr. Chin-I
Conceptual geothermal system-
Mar-1989Conservation district use application and environmental assessment, Pohoiki Geothermal Transmission LineDHM, Inc.
20-Aug-1985Conservation district use application to permit geothermal development activities on state lands, Puna district, island of Hawaii dated August 20, 1985Estate of James Campbell
1992Consultant documents for Duey Milner-
26-Dec-2006Correspondence re: NELH Geothermal Resources Mining Lease S-4602-
1989Correspondence to the Governor - 1989Paty, William W.
1984Correspondences regarding Hawaii mineral rights reservation-
19801990Correspondences relating to the HGP-A Test Pipeline Project-
1989Correspondences relating to the HGP-A well and power plant facility-
1990Correspondences relating to the sale of the steam from the HGP-A well-