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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1978DLNR issues Hawaii's first geothermal well permitDepartment of Land and Natural Resources, State of Hawaii
DLNR mining lease form : Drafts and feedbackDepartment of Land and Natural Resources, State of Hawaii
18-Jan-1990DLNR status report on geothermal activities (01-18-90)Tagomori, Manabu
24-Jul-1989DLNR status report on geothermal activities (07-24-89)Tagomori, Manabu
Jan-1989Documents regarding Act 301 (Relating to the development and use of geothermal energy)-
Oct-1991Documents regarding Lloyd Lewis' visit to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement for the Hawaii Geothermal Project-
Jan-1989Documents regarding obtaining the required permits and licenses for the Hawaii geothermal/cable systems development-
Documents regarding properties withdrawing from geothermal resource subzones on the island of Hawaii-
29-Feb-2012Documents relating to geothermal wells in Hawaii-
1990Documents relating to Puna Geothermal Venture Well 08-2883-07-
1989Documents relating to Senate Bill No. 1: A bill for an act relating to geothermal energyState of Hawaii
1984Documents relating to the Hilo Geothermal Subzoning Meetings on May 8, 9, 29, and 30, 1984-
198Documents relating to the Kilauea Middle East Rift Zone assessment and land exchange from 1983 to 1985-
1990Documents relating to the Pele Defense Fund-
1992Documents relating to the SOH-3 wellState of Hawaii
1991Documents relating to the steam vent investigation at Kula, MauiState of Hawaii
198Documents with information on how to obtain a geothermal exploration permit in HawaiiState of Hawaii
Jan-1990DOWALD review of HGP-A well construction history and integrityThomas, Donald M.
1-Jun-1989DOWALD staff analysis of proposed DBED termination options for the existing HGP-A well and power plant facilityTagomori, Manabu
Jul-1992Draft annual report : Geothermal resources assessment-