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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Documents regarding properties withdrawing from geothermal resource subzones on the island of Hawaii-
29-Feb-2012Documents relating to geothermal wells in Hawaii-
1990Documents relating to Puna Geothermal Venture Well 08-2883-07-
1989Documents relating to Senate Bill No. 1: A bill for an act relating to geothermal energyState of Hawaii
1984Documents relating to the Hilo Geothermal Subzoning Meetings on May 8, 9, 29, and 30, 1984-
198Documents relating to the Kilauea Middle East Rift Zone assessment and land exchange from 1983 to 1985-
1990Documents relating to the Pele Defense Fund-
1992Documents relating to the SOH-3 wellState of Hawaii
1991Documents relating to the steam vent investigation at Kula, MauiState of Hawaii
198Documents with information on how to obtain a geothermal exploration permit in HawaiiState of Hawaii
Jan-1990DOWALD review of HGP-A well construction history and integrityThomas, Donald M.
1-Jun-1989DOWALD staff analysis of proposed DBED termination options for the existing HGP-A well and power plant facilityTagomori, Manabu
Jul-1992Draft annual report : Geothermal resources assessment-
1984Draft Report: Social Impact Analysis of Potential Geothermal Resource Areas-
1991Draft: A Report to the 1992 Legislature Geothermal and Cabling Development Permitting-
9-Nov-1992Draft: Hawaii Geothermal Blowout Prevention Manual-
Jul-1984Economic assessment of potential geothermal resource areasEnvironment Capital Managers Inc.
1984Economic Impact Analysis of Potential Geothermal Resource AreasState of Hawaii, Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of Water and Land Development
Sep-1984Economic Impact Analysis of Potential Geothermal Resource Areas: Circular C-105-
1989Economic Impacts of the Nevada Geothermal Industry - 1989-