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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Aug-1989Administrative Rule 13-1~5, "Rules of Practice and Procedure for Geothe'rmal and Cable Systems Development Permitting", to implement Chapter 196D, Hawaii Revised Statutes-
3-Sep-1986Adoption of Chapter 15-15, Hawaii Administrative Rules-
1989Application for Permit to Drill Geothermal Well Kapoho State 3 - State Geothermal Mining Lease R-2-
20-May-1991Calculation of Geothermal RoyaltyTagomori, Manabu
Apr-1991Calculation of Royalties Based on Netback Method - Calculation of Royalty Waiver Based on Expanded Netback WaiverMorris, Steven E.
6-May-1991Calculations of Royalties Netback MethodMorris, Steven E.
Jul-2001Cancellation of the geothermal lease between the State of Hawaii and the Puna Geothermal Venture (draft)Department of Land and Natural Resources, State of Hawaii
1984Chapter 183 - Leasing and Drilling of Geothermal Resources-
1980Direct lease of geothermal resources on reserved lands to assignee of occupier's rights, Kapoho, Puna, HawaiiBoard of Land and Natural Resources, State of Hawaii
1978DLNR issues Hawaii's first geothermal well permitDepartment of Land and Natural Resources, State of Hawaii
1992Extension of primary ten-year term for geothermal resource mining leases R-1 and R-2Paty, William W.
1976The first draft of "Regulations on Leasing of Geothermal Resources and Drilling for Geothermal Resources in Hawaii" and comments-
1984General Correspondence re Kapaho State Well 1-A-
1994Geothermal Memos and General Information-
1979Geothermal Resources Mining Lease No. S-4602 between State of Hawaii and the Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii-
1985Geothermal Resources Mining Lease No.: R-4 between State of Hawaii, Department of Land and Natural Resources and Puna Geothermal Venture-
1977GT Rules and Regulations (4thDraft)-
1986Hawaii Energy Information-
1989KS-2 application for permit and drilling permits-
1-May-1986Memorandum for Record-