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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1986Alternative Approaches to the Legal, Institutional and Financial Aspects of Developing an Inter-Island Electrical Transmission Cable SystemSumida, Gerald A.; Hills, Alan L.; Lee, Patricia E.; Suyat, Stanley D.; Takushi, Robert P.
Oct-1984American energy awareness week in Hawaii : an overview of geothermal development in Hawaii-
30-Sep-2008Analysis of geothermally produced hydrogen on the Big Island of Hawaii: a roadmap for the way forwardYuzugullu, Elvin; Genung, Karen; Hoesly, Ryan
7-Jul-1987Analysis of Seafloor Surveys, Inc. precision bottom data between Maui and Oahu in determination of a potential cable routeMakai Ocean Engineering, Inc.
1993Annotated bibliography : volcanology and volcanic activity with a primary focus on potential hazard impacts for the Hawaii geothermal projectMoore, Richard B.; Delaney, Paul T.; Kauahikaua, James P.
1993Annual Report-
Dec-1994Annual report : Geothermal resources assessmentGeothermEx, Inc.
1989Annual Report July 1, 1988 - June 30, 1989 and Including First Quarter FY 90 (Draft)-
1992Annual Report: Geothermal Resources Assessment-
Assessing and managing potential health and safety issues related to high voltage direct current transmission linesEnvironmental Research Information, Inc.
30-Sep-2005Assessment of energy reserves and costs of geothermal resources in HawaiiGeothermEx, Inc.
30-Sep-2005Assessment of energy reserves and costs of geothermal resources in Hawaii-
Jan-1977An assessment of geothermal development in Puna, HawaiiKamins, Robert M.; Tinning, Karla J.
1985Baseline air quality -- Kilauea East Rift : Puna and Ka Ľu Districts, county of HawaiiHouck, James E.; Lesperance, Gerald O.; Pritchett, Lyle C.
1986Benefits for the island of Hawaii resulting from geothermal developmentKeith, Kent M.
1905Chapter 67, electric light and power, from the Revised Laws of Honolulu 1905Territory of Hawaii
4-Dec-1992Comments on Hawaii Geothermal Blowout Prevention Manual-
Sep-1979Commercialization of geothermal energy in HawaiiKono, Hideto
1984Conceptual design appendices A-N (Extracted from Hawaii Deep Water Cable Program Bottom Roughness Survey of the Alenuihaha Channel May 1986.)[Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc., Edward K. Noda and Associates, and the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics]
3-Nov-1978Conceptual design report : HGP-A wellhead generator proof-of-feasibility project-