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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-1999Geothermal program - strategy and implementation planHamaguchi, Nami
Geothermal Resource and Economic Assessment for the Production of Hydrogen Energy in Hawaii-
Jun-1986Geothermal resource subzone designations in HawaiiKubacki, Joseph
Jul-1994Geothermal resource subzones on the island of HawaiiDepartment of Business, Economic Development & Tourism, State of Hawaii
Geothermal subzone hydrogen sulfide impact assessment (draft)Morrow, Jim
1991Geothermal Well Information-
Apr-1989Gerald O. Lesperance's report on his San Francisco trip from March 20 to 23, 1989Lesperance, Gerald O.
15-Jan-1988Governor's advisory board on the underwater cable transmission project : preliminary reportQuinn, William F.
1988Hawaii Act 246 of 1988-
Sep-2002Hawaii and geothermal : what has been happening?Boyd, Tonya L.; Thomas, Donald M.; Gill, Andrea T.
Mar-1986Hawaii Deep Water Cable (HDWC) Program : cable overloadability studyPirelli Cable Corporation and Societa Cavi Pirelli
Apr-1986Hawaii Deep Water Cable (HDWC) Program : Selection and design of laboratory testing equipmentPirelli Cable Corporation and Societa Cavi Pirelli
Jan-1986Hawaii Deep Water Cable ProgramDepartment of Planning and Economic Development, State of Hawaii
10-Nov-1989Hawaii Deep Water Cable Program : at-sea test planDillingham Corporation
1-May-1986Hawaii Deep Water Cable Program : bottom roughness survey of the Alenuihaha ChannelMakai Ocean Engineering, Inc.; Edward K. Noda & Associates; Hawaii Institute of Geophysics
15-Nov-1988Hawaii Deep Water Cable Program : draft cable laying control and data acquisition systems final design reportMakai Ocean Engineering, Inc.; Edward K. Noda & Associates
Dec-1983Hawaii Deep Water Cable Program : Phase II reassessment of cable vessel availabilityLopez, L.; McHale F.
Apr-1984Hawaii Deep Water Cable Program : Phase II-A task 3 deep water electrical cable corrosion testingLarsen-Basse, J.
Aug-1987Hawaii deep water cable program : phase II-C, task 1, environmental assessmentKrasnick, G.; Mansur, J.
Apr-1989Hawaii deep water cable program : phase II-D, executive summaryKrasnick, G.; Mansur, J.