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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Master Plan : Hawaii Geothermal / Cable Project : Community concerns to be reflected in geothermal planning-
15-Aug-1985Maui Geothermal Development and Community Concerns Seminar DocumentsNakano, D.
9-Feb-1984Maui-Molokai cable 'feasible' : Single ownership called the keyThe Honolulu Advertiser
27-Oct-1993Memorandum of agreement relating to regulation of geothermal development activities : drafts and feedback-
1989Memorandum re Puna Community Council/DB ED Summary of Community's Concerns-
1985Modified Responses to Questions Submitted at Geothermal Resources SeminarsYoshihara, Takeshi
1988The Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii, 1988 Annual ReportNatural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii
1990News Releases - 1990-
2005Options and questions for direct use in Puna, HawaiiGill, Andrea T.
2005Options and questions for direct use in Puna, HawaiiGill, Andrea T.
1979Ownership of geothermal resources in HawaiiKamins, Robert M.
Parcels within 3,500 feet of the PGV project in PunaDepartment of Business and Economic Development, State of Hawaii
1993Plans on geothermal development in Hawaii in the early 1990s-
Dec-1983Preliminary feasibility of an undersea cable linking Molokai and MauiCH2M Hill
15-May-1991Preliminary results from the Scientific Observation Hole (SOH) program, Kilauea East Rift Zone, HawaiiOlson, Harry J.
1991Priority Guidelines for Implementation of the Policy Statement on Geothermal Development in the State of Hawaii Part II (Draft)-
23-Oct-1984Proceedings geothermal development and applications in Hawaii : seminars presented October 23-25, 1984 during American Energy Awareness weekState of Hawaii. Department of Planning and Economic Development
25-Jul-1989Project Status - Hawaii Geothermal/Undersea Cable ProjectPaty, William W.
Jul-1984Proposal for designating geothermal resource subzones by the Board of Land and Natural ResourcesState of Hawaii, Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of Water and Land Development
1991Proposal for technical advisory services for geothermal resource assessmentWeiss Associates