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9-Jun-1905Topographic map of the Island of Maui, Maui County, HawaiiGeological Survey (U.S.)
9-Jun-1905Vegetation map of the Puna study area -- Wet habitatJacobi, James D.
Mar-1966Preliminary report on the resistivity measurements on the islands of Oahu and Hawaii, HawaiiZohdy, Adel A.R.
Jan-1973Environmental assessment of an investigation of the hydrothermal system at Kilauea Volcano, HawaiiTilling, Robert I.
1974Volcanic hazards on the island of HawaiiMullineaux, Donal R.; Peterson, Donald W.
8-Feb-1974Artificial geothermal reservoirs in hot volcanic rockAamodt, R.L.
1-Apr-1974Experimental Resistivity Electrode Emplacement for the Hawaii Geothermal ProjectBrandvold, GE
30-Sep-1974Conceptual design 10 MW experimental power generation facility-
Nov-1974Magma-Tap : The ultimate geothermal energy programColp, John L.
Mar-1975Economic factors in the optimal depletion of resourcesPeterson, Richard E.
Apr-1975Economic factors in the longevity of resourcesPeterson, Richard E.
1-Jan-1976Deep research drill hole at Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii. [1,262 m]Zablocki, C.J.; Tilling, RI.; Peterson, DW.; Christiansen, RL.; Keller, G.V.
1978The National Environmental Policy Act : Parts 1500 through 1508Council on Environmental Quality
1-Jan-1978Drilling into molten rock at Kilauea IkiColp, J.L.; Okamura, RT
1979Self-potential surveys related to probable geothermal anomalies, Hualalai Volcano, HawaiiJackson, Dallas B.; Sako, Maurice K.
1979Kilauea Eruptions in General Articles and Maps-
Jan-1979Geothermal energy in Alaska and HawaiiGrim, Paul J.; Berry, George W.
Jun-1979Environmental assessment : Hydrothermal Geothermal Subprogram-
Sep-1979Investigation of geothermal potential in the Waianae caldera area, Western Oahu, HawaiiCox, Malcolm E; Sinton, John M; Thomas, Donald M; Mattice, Mark D; Kauahikaua, James P; Helstern, Donald M; Fan, Pow-foong
Oct-1979Hawaii hydrothermal market : penetration analysisAction Resources Inc.