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Dec-1979Property rights to geothermal resources in HawaiiKamins, Robert M.
1-Dec-1979Geophysical sensing experiments on Kilauea Iki lava lakeHermance, JF.; Forsyth, DW.; Colp, J.L.
1-Mar-1980Magma energy : a feasible alternativeColp, J.L.
20-Mar-1980State water rights law and geothermal hydrothermal commercialization in five Pacific Rim states-
May-1980Interim report on geochemical results of production test of HGP-AThomas, Donald M.
1-Sep-1980Comparative assessment of five potential sites for hydrothermal-magma systems : Energy transportHardee, HC
1981Geothermal resource mining leases in South PahoaGeological Survey (U.S.)
1981Interpretation of time-domain electromagnetic soundings in the east rift geothermal area of Kilauea Volcano, HawaiiKauahikaua, Jim
1981Evaluation of major dike-impounded ground-water reservoirs, island of OahuTakasaki, Kiyoshi J.
1981Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii : chronology and morphology of the surficial lava flowHolcomb, Robin Terry
1-Jan-1981Potential effects of environmental regulatory procedures on geothermal developmentBeeland, Gene V.; Boies, David B.
1982Assessment of geothermal development impact on aboriginal HawaiiansHauanio, Peter K.; Kinney, Everett; Johnson, Jerry
1983Geothermal resource subzone : island of MauiU.S. Geological Survey
1-Jul-1983Hawaii basic data for thermal springs and wells as recorded in geothermBliss, JD
1984Explosive eruptions of Kilauea Volcano, HawaiiDecker, Robert W.; Christiansen, Robert L.
1-Mar-1984Retrospective examination of geothermal environmental assessmentsWebb, JW.; Eddlemon, GK.; Reed, AW
1985Continental Scientific Drilling Program : Department of NavyDepartment of Navy
Jan-1985Evolution of the HGP-A power plantShupe, John W.
May-1985Summary of the biological information collected during the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Hawaii Forest Bird Survey in the Puna study area on the island of HawaiiJacobi, James D.
1986Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and Vicinity : with geothermal wellsUnited States Geological Survey; National Park Service