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  • Peterson, Richard E. (Hawaii Geothermal Project, University of Hawaii / National Technical Information Service, 1975-04)
    If it is economically feasible to exploit a resource, the period of exploitation will be affected by a number of economic factors. In the discussion below, the role of the following variables in the lifetime of oil, gas, ...
  • Peterson, Richard E. (Hawaii Geothermal Project, University of Hawaii, 1975-03)
    Both replenishable and nonreplenishable resources are exhaustible and even finite nonreplaceable resources can have infinite economic lives. The concept of ecological equilibrium) in which total recruitment of new mass is ...
  • (National Renewable Energy Laboratory, 2009-11-01)
    This tri-fold brochure provides an overview of how the State of Hawaii will work toward a goal of 70% clean energy by 2030 and the importance of meeting this goal.
  • (U.S. Department of Energy, 1979-06)
    "This environmental impact assessment addresses the design, construction, and operation of an electric generating plant (3 to 4 MWe) and research station (Hawaii Geothermal Research Station (HGRS)) in the Puna district on ...
  • Tilling, Robert I. (U.S. Geological Survey, 1973-01)
    "A test well 3,000 to 5,000 feet in depth is proposed to be drilled 0.7 miles south of Halemaumau crater in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Island of Hawaii. It represents the first attempt to drill above a magma chamber ...
  • Trettin, CC.; Tolbert, VR.; Jones, AT.; Smith, CR.; Kalmijn, AJ (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 1995-03-01)
    This report has been prepared to make available and archive the background scientific data and related information collected on ecological resources during the preparation of the environmental impact statement (EIS) for ...
  • (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 1996-05-14)
    Related correspondence and EPA Document 330/2-96-009, Puna Geothermal Venture Compliance Investigation, Pahoa, Hawaii, which is a report that was prepared by the u.s. Environmental Protection Agency National Enforcement ...
  • Shupe, John W. (U.S. Department of Energy, 1985-01)
  • Brandvold, GE (Sandia Laboratories, 1974-04-01)
    Sandia Laboratories expertise in Earth-penetrating projectiles has been applied to problems of geothermal resource research. Field trials of an experimental terradynamics electrode for resistivity surveys have been carried ...
  • Decker, Robert W.; Christiansen, Robert L. (National Academy Press, 1984)
    Although most Kilauea eruptions produce effusive basaltic lavas, about 1 percent of the prehistoric and historical eruptions have been explosive. Multiple steam explosions from Halemaumau Crater in 1924 followed subsidence ...
  • (1988-12)
    Content: Endangered Species Act of 1973, 33 CFR Parts 320 through 330: Regulatory programs of the Corps of Engineers (final rule), and 33 CFR Parts 230 and 325: Environmental quality; procedures for implementing the National ...
  • Hermance, JF.; Forsyth, DW.; Colp, J.L. (Sandia Laboratories, 1979-12-01)
    The Hawaiian lava lake in the Kilauea Iki pit crater, resulting from the 1959 summit eruption of Kilauea volcano, has served as a natural laboratory for the continuing study of the petrology, rheology, and thermal history ...
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory, a DOE National Laboratory (Office of Wind and Geothermal Technologies, U.S. Department of Energy, 2004-04)
    This fact sheets provides a summary of geothermal potential, issues, and current development in Hawaii. This fact sheet was developed as part of DOE's GeoPowering the West initiative, part of the Geothermal Technologies Program.
  • Grim, Paul J.; Berry, George W. (National Geophysical and Solar-Terrestrial Data Center, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 1979-01)
  • (Energy Information Administration, Office of Coal, Nuclear, Electric, and Alternate Fuels, U.S. Dept. of Energy, 1991-09)
  • Geological Survey (U.S.) (U.S. Geological Survey, 1981)
  • Geological Survey (U.S.) (U.S. Geological Survey, 1983)
  • Bliss, JD (Geological Survey, 1983-07-01)
    GEOTHERM sample file contains 34 records for Hawaii. The high average ambient air temperature found on the Hawaiian Islands required fluid samples to have a temperature of at least 30/sup 0/C to be included. A computer-generated ...
  • United States Geological Survey; National Park Service (United States Geological Survey / National Park Service, 1986)
    Scale 1:100,000 ; universal transverse Mercator projection. (W 155⁰45ʹ00ʺ--W 154⁰47ʹ30ʺ/N 19⁰45ʹ00ʺ--N 19⁰07ʹ30ʺ).
  • United States Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy; in cooperation with County of Hawaii, County of Maui, National Marine Fisheries Service, National Park Service, State of Hawaii, United States Army Corps of Engineers, United States Fish and Wildlife Service, United States Geological Survey (U.S. Department of Energy, 1993-04)
    This Implementation Plan (lP) is a DOE public disclosure document, prepared preceeding issuance of a draft EIS, for recording the results of the scoping process and providing guidance to DOE for preparation of the HGP Draft ...
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