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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1979Kilauea Eruptions in General Articles and Maps-
1981Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii : chronology and morphology of the surficial lava flowHolcomb, Robin Terry
1-Mar-1980Magma energy : a feasible alternativeColp, J.L.
Nov-1974Magma-Tap : The ultimate geothermal energy programColp, John L.
Mar-1990Maui geothermal informational meeting on March 7, 1990Various authors
1978The National Environmental Policy Act : Parts 1500 through 1508Council on Environmental Quality
1-May-1996Native Hawaiian Ethnographic Study for the Hawaii Geothermal Project Proposed for Puna and Southeast MauiMatsuoka, JK.; Minerbi, L.; Kanahele, P.; Kelly, M.; Barney-Campbell, N.; Saulsbury.; Trettin, LD
15-Feb-1990Overview of Proposed Geothermal Development in Hawaii-
1-Jan-1981Potential effects of environmental regulatory procedures on geothermal developmentBeeland, Gene V.; Boies, David B.
1994Potential effects of the Hawaii Geothermal Project on ground-water resources on the island of HawaiiSorey, Michael L.; Colvard, Elizabeth M.
Mar-1966Preliminary report on the resistivity measurements on the islands of Oahu and Hawaii, HawaiiZohdy, Adel A.R.
Dec-1979Property rights to geothermal resources in HawaiiKamins, Robert M.
Aug-2000Puna emergency response : report on the review of Hawaii County emergency operations plan and Puna Geothermal Venture emergency response planUnited States Environmental Protection Agency, Region 9
Mar-1996Puna Geothermal Venture compliance investigationGaring, Ken; Gosik, Bob; FitzGerald, Shannon
1-Mar-1984Retrospective examination of geothermal environmental assessmentsWebb, JW.; Eddlemon, GK.; Reed, AW
1-Jul-1986Review and problem definition of water/rock reactions associated with injection of spent geothermal fluids from a geothermal plant into aquifersElders, WA
6-Jun-1992Scoping Meeting Summary, Wailuku, Maui, March 9, 1992, 2 PM SessionQuinby-Hunt, Mary S.
1979Self-potential surveys related to probable geothermal anomalies, Hualalai Volcano, HawaiiJackson, Dallas B.; Sako, Maurice K.
1-Oct-1999Slimhole Handbook: Procedures and Recommendations for Slimhole Drilling and Testing in Geothermal ExplorationCombs, Jim.; Finger, John T.; Goranson, Colin.; Hickox, Charles E. Jr.; Jacobson, Ronald D.; Polk, Gene
20-Mar-1980State water rights law and geothermal hydrothermal commercialization in five Pacific Rim states-