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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1978The National Environmental Policy Act : Parts 1500 through 1508Council on Environmental Quality
1-May-1996Native Hawaiian Ethnographic Study for the Hawaii Geothermal Project Proposed for Puna and Southeast MauiMatsuoka, JK.; Minerbi, L.; Kanahele, P.; Kelly, M.; Barney-Campbell, N.; Saulsbury.; Trettin, LD
15-Feb-1990Overview of Proposed Geothermal Development in Hawaii-
1-Jan-1981Potential effects of environmental regulatory procedures on geothermal developmentBeeland, Gene V.; Boies, David B.
1994Potential effects of the Hawaii Geothermal Project on ground-water resources on the island of HawaiiSorey, Michael L.; Colvard, Elizabeth M.
Mar-1966Preliminary report on the resistivity measurements on the islands of Oahu and Hawaii, HawaiiZohdy, Adel A.R.
Dec-1979Property rights to geothermal resources in HawaiiKamins, Robert M.
Aug-2000Puna emergency response : report on the review of Hawaii County emergency operations plan and Puna Geothermal Venture emergency response planUnited States Environmental Protection Agency, Region 9
Mar-1996Puna Geothermal Venture compliance investigationGaring, Ken; Gosik, Bob; FitzGerald, Shannon
1-Mar-1984Retrospective examination of geothermal environmental assessmentsWebb, JW.; Eddlemon, GK.; Reed, AW
1-Jul-1986Review and problem definition of water/rock reactions associated with injection of spent geothermal fluids from a geothermal plant into aquifersElders, WA
6-Jun-1992Scoping Meeting Summary, Wailuku, Maui, March 9, 1992, 2 PM SessionQuinby-Hunt, Mary S.
1979Self-potential surveys related to probable geothermal anomalies, Hualalai Volcano, HawaiiJackson, Dallas B.; Sako, Maurice K.
1-Oct-1999Slimhole Handbook: Procedures and Recommendations for Slimhole Drilling and Testing in Geothermal ExplorationCombs, Jim.; Finger, John T.; Goranson, Colin.; Hickox, Charles E. Jr.; Jacobson, Ronald D.; Polk, Gene
20-Mar-1980State water rights law and geothermal hydrothermal commercialization in five Pacific Rim states-
1-Jan-1987Status of the Magma Energy ProjectDunn, JC
May-1985Summary of the biological information collected during the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Hawaii Forest Bird Survey in the Puna study area on the island of HawaiiJacobi, James D.
1994A survey of endangered waterbirds on Maui and Oʻahu and assessment of potential impacts to waterbirds from the proposed Hawaiʻi Geothermal Project transmission corridor : Final reportEvans, Karen.; Woodside, David.; Bruegmann, Marie M.
1994Surveys of distribution and abundance of the Hawaiian hawk within the vicinity of proposed geothermal project subzones in the District of Puna, Hawaii : Final reportReynolds, Michelle
Oct-1994Surveys of forest bird populations found in the vicinity of proposed geothermal project subzones in the district of Puna, HawaiiJacobi, James D.; Reynolds, Michelle; Ritchotte, George; Nielsen, Bonnie; Viggiano, Anthony.; Dwyer, Jill