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  • Peterson, Richard E. (Hawaii Geothermal Project, University of Hawaii / National Technical Information Service, 1975-04)
    If it is economically feasible to exploit a resource, the period of exploitation will be affected by a number of economic factors. In the discussion below, the role of the following variables in the lifetime of oil, gas, ...
  • Peterson, Richard E. (Hawaii Geothermal Project, University of Hawaii, 1975-03)
    Both replenishable and nonreplenishable resources are exhaustible and even finite nonreplaceable resources can have infinite economic lives. The concept of ecological equilibrium) in which total recruitment of new mass is ...
  • Beeland, Gene V.; Boies, David B. (U.S. Govt. Printing Office, 1981-01-01)
    The potential effects of several types of applicable environmental regulatory procedures on geothermal development were assessed, and particular problem areas were identified. The possible impact of procedures adopted ...
  • (JM Energy Consultants, Inc., 1980-03-20)
    The water rights of the five Pacific states - California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii - and their possible impacts on geothermal development are discussed. (MHR)

Now showing items 1-4 of 4


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