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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989Analysis and Recommended Development of Barnwell Acreage, Puna Geothermal Field, Island of Hawaii-
23-Jan-2464Annotated bibliography : Seismicity of and near the island of Hawaii and seismic hazard analysis of the East Rift of KilaueaKlein, Fred W.
1995Annual Mechanical Integrity Test ReportsWhite, Lynn
1-Jun-1989Application for Underground Injection Control Permit for the PUNA Geothermal Venture Project-
Apr-1984Application of new technologies to interisland power cables for HawaiiWilkins, George
1985Appraisal of certain vacant land parcels in the Puna district of the island of Hawaii identified as Campbell Estate lands and State of Hawaii landsStellmacher, Richard A.
Jul-1984Archaeological reconnaissance and historical surveys of lands at Kapoho, Puna, Hawaiʻi IslandBishop Museum
Feb-1988An archaeological reconnaissance survey in the geothermal resource subzone of Upper Kaimu and Makena, Puna, HawaiiBonk, William J.
1991Background on PGV request for waiverState of Hawaii
Apr-1985The biological resource value of native forest in Hawaii with special reference to the tropical lowland rainforest at KalapanaMueller-Dombois, Dieter
14-Nov-1987Biological survey of the proposed access road and Well Site 1Lamoureux, Charles H.; Char, Winona P.; Higashino, Paul; Kjargaard, Maile S.
Jan-1990Botanical survey of proposed alternate well sites 2 and 3 and of the proposed roads leading to these sites from well site 1Lamoureux, Charles H.; Whistler, W Arthur; Imada, Clyde T.
Aug-1990Botanical survey of proposed new well site #2Lamoureux, Charles H.
Feb-1990Botanical survey, monitoring, control and assessment program for the BLNR designated geothermal resource subzone Middle East Rift Zone of Kilauea, Puna district, island of HawaiiLamoureux, Charles H.; Motooka, Philip S.
Brief for Governor's Advisory Board on the Underwater Cable Transmission ProjectTrue/Mid-Pacific Geothermal Venture
1983Campbell, R. Gardner, MC. 1983. Geology and Drilling History of the Ashida #1 Geothermal Test, Opihikao Prospect; Hawaii. Berkeley (CA): GeothermEx, Inc.-
Nov-1994Condition of Well KA1-1ThermaSource, Inc.
Sep-1981Conservation district use application for the Estate of James Campbell for geothermal exploration in Puna, HawaiiR. M. Towill Corporation
1990Constructing Puna Wells - 1990-
Jun-1987Consumer opinions about geothermal energyEnergy Division, Department of Planning and Economic Development, State of Hawaii