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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-May-1990Energy Efficiency and Least-Cost Planning: The Best Way to Save Money and Reduce Energy Use in Hawaii (05/21/1990)Mowris, Robert J.
1-Jul-1979Engineering and economic analysis for the utilization of geothermal fluids in a cane sugar processing plant : final reportHumme, JT.; Tanaka, MT.; Yokota, MH.; Furumoto, A.S.
15-Oct-1980Engineering and economic studies for direct applications of geothermal energy in an industrial park in Pahoa, Hawaii. Quarterly technical progress report number 4-
1983Engineering Plans for a Solar Pond OTEC (SPOTEC) Power Plant at Ke-arole PointSETS Inc.
1989Environmental Impact Statement for Pohoiki Geothermal Transmission Line : Final.DHM, Inc.
198Environmental issues related to geothermal development at Kahaualea, island of Hawaii: chronology of events involving environmental aspects of the Kahaualea Geothermal Project-
31-May-1984Environmental monitoring plan : Kahaualea Geothermal ProjectHouck, James E.
14-Dec-1995Environmental response : True Geothermal Energy Company drill site of geothermal well KA1-1, Puna, HawaiiBrewer Environmental Services
12-Dec-1988Environmental review, 500 MW geothermal development : preliminary draft : technical description and environmental settingMCM Planning
15-Dec-1995Environmental site assessment report : True Geothermal Energy Company drill site of geothermal well KA-1, Puna, HawaiiBrewer Environmental Services
Evidence of geothermal potential in KahaualeaNiimi, Gerald
May-1989Exhibits (Responses) to the Request for Proposal for the Geothermal/Inter-Island Transmission Project-
Feb-1987Fiber optics in the 'optimum' undersea electro-optical cableWilkins, George
1982Final report of an independent survey of Hilo area residents prepared for Campbell Estate on geothermal power development and conducted on June 14, 15, and 16, 1982Media Tech, Inc.
Apr-1990Final report of the geothermal roundtable, April 1990, Center for Alternative Dispute ResolutionCenter for Alternative Dispute Resolution
1986Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement to the Revised Environmental Impact Statement for the Kahauale'a Geothermal Project.True/Mid-Pacific Geothermal Venture
Feb-1986Final supplemental environmental impact statement to the revised environmental impact statement for the Kahauale╩╗a geothermal projectTrue/Mid-Pacific Geothermal Venture
24-Mar-1986Firm capacity amendment to purchase power contract dated March 24, 1986Hawaii Electric Light Company
1990First quarter quality assurance report for True Geothermal Energy Company Monitoring Program, Kilauea Middle East Rift Zone, island of Hawaii : November 1, 1989 - January 31, 1990Measurement Technologies
1985Fiscal year 1987 through 1990 funding requirements : Hawaii Deep Water Cable ProgramHawaiian Electric Company, Inc.