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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-1983Geology and drilling history of Lanipuna #1/sidetrack, Tokyo lands prospect, HawaiiCampbell, Archibald R; Gardner, Murray C
1983Geology and Drilling History of the Ashida #1 Geothermal Test, Opihikao Prospect, HawaiiCampbell, Archibald R; Gardner, Murray C
1981Geology and drilling history of the Lanipuna #1 geothermal test, Tokyu lands prospect, HawaiiCampbell, Archibald R; Gardner, Murray C
1991Geophysical Survey for Characterizing the Hydrogeologic Regime of the Puu Anahulu Area of North Kona, Island of HawaiiBlackhawk Geosciences, Inc.
1990Geophysical Surveys for Ground Water Evaluation Near the Kawaihae Exploratory Well Northeast of Kawaihae Island of HawaiiBlackhawk Geosciences, Inc.
18-Mar-1991Geothermal development agreement : by and between Morgan Oil, Ltd. and Barnwell Geothermal Corporation-
2006Geothermal Development and Research in IcelandNational Energy Authority and Ministries of Industry and Commerce
23-Oct-1991Geothermal development in the Kilauea East Rift Zone--Status of Reserves Assessment and Injection StrategySanyal, Subir K.
1991Geothermal Drilling Program for Barnwell Geothermal Corporation.Craddick, Willis R.
1987Geothermal gas injection research : proposed research contractD'Olier, W.L.
1990The Geothermal HandbookPro-Geothermal Alliance; Hawaii Island Geothermal Alliance
20-Jan-1981Geothermal lease application and narrative statement supporting issuance of geothermal lease-
Mar-1989Geothermal resource permit application amendment for the Puna Geothermal Venture projectEnvironmental Management Associates, Inc.
1996Geothermal Well Ashida (Opihikao) No.1-
2001Geothermal Well Drilling Permits-
5-Jul-1991Geothermal well KS-8 uncontrolled flow event and well design review (draft)Puna Geothermal Venture
1990Geothermal Well Lanipuna No. 1-
1994Geothermal Well Lanipuna No. 6-
1994Geothermal well modification permit for Kapoho State No. 9 (KS-9)-
1983Geothermal Well, Kapoho State 1: History and Activity ReportsDenton, Jere