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Hawaii Island Geothermal Alliance (HIGA) Report-
Puna Geothermal Venture Check Lists-
31-Jul-1973An electrical resistivity survey of the Puna and Kau districts, Hawaii County, HawaiiGroup Seven
1976Some electrical and magnetic studies of Kilauea Iki lava lake, HawaiiZablocki, Charles J.
1976Magma energy research project : project summary, July 1, 1974 - June 30, 1975Colp, John L.
May-1977Use of geothermal heat for sugar refining : final report for period October 1, 1976 - May 31, 1977Pearson, Russell O.
1978Puuwaawaa FNB no. 2 drilling log for October 11, 1978, to November 8, 1978Steamco
1978Proceedings fourth workshop geothermal reservoir engineeringKruger, P.; Ramey, H.J. Jr.
24-Jul-1978Temperature log : F.N.B. temperature #1, Puuwaawaa on July 24, 1978Water Resources International, Inc.
1979FY79 lava lake drilling program : geoscience studies : plans and resultsColp, John L.
3-Mar-1979Principal facts : time-domain electromagnetic sounds, state lands, HawaiiArgonaut Enterprises
1-Jul-1979Engineering and economic analysis for the utilization of geothermal fluids in a cane sugar processing plant : final reportHumme, JT.; Tanaka, MT.; Yokota, MH.; Furumoto, A.S.
1980Dillingham Final Report, Pahoa Geothermal Industrial Park: Engineering and Economic Analysis for Direct Applications of Geothermal Energy in an Industrial Park at Pahoa, HawaiiHawaiian Dredging & Construction Company; Moreau, James W.
Apr-1980Summary report on HGP-A well flow and environmental testsRogers Engineering Co., Inc.
Jul-1980Special permit application for Barnwell Geothermal Corp. for geothermal exploration and evaluation at Puna, HawaiiCraddick, EC
15-Oct-1980Engineering and economic studies for direct applications of geothermal energy in an industrial park in Pahoa, Hawaii. Quarterly technical progress report number 4-
1-Dec-1980Proceedings of the fourth annual geothermal conference and workshopAltas Corporation
16-Dec-1980Request for proposal for geothermal-electric power development, Island of Hawaii-
1981Drilling log of the geothermal well Lanipuna #1 from December 8, 1980, to August 13, 1981WRII
20-Jan-1981Geothermal lease application and narrative statement supporting issuance of geothermal lease-