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Nov-1983Geology and drilling history of Lanipuna #1/sidetrack, Tokyo lands prospect, HawaiiCampbell, Archibald R; Gardner, Murray C
1984Geochemical Engineering Reference ManualOwen, Lawrence B.; Michels, Donald E.
1984Drilling and Testing Geothermal Wells in an Active Volcanic Domain, Puna Geothermal Field, Hawaii, USAD'Olier, W.L.; Iovenitti, J.L.
1984Maps of Puu Waawaa, North Kona, Hawaii-
1984Drilling history and geology of the Lanipuna no. 6 geothermal test, Lanipuna prospect, HawaiiGardner, Murray C; Klein, Christopher W
1984Solar-powered stacked filter systems : Hawaii Volcanoes National Park : 5/26/84 through 8/7/84 sampling periodHouck, James E.; Cooper, John A.; Pritchett, Lyle C.; Frazier, Clifton A.
Apr-1984Terrestrial biological survey, Puna Geothermal Venture studies, Puna, HawaiiChar, Winona P.; Stemmermann, Maile
Apr-1984Application of new technologies to interisland power cables for HawaiiWilkins, George
31-May-1984Environmental monitoring plan : Kahaualea Geothermal ProjectHouck, James E.
Jul-1984Archaeological reconnaissance and historical surveys of lands at Kapoho, Puna, Hawaiʻi IslandBishop Museum
27-Aug-1984Written testimony for contested case hearing in the designation of Kahaualea, Puna, Hawaii as a geothermal resource subzone-
Oct-1984A point of view on KahaualeaKupchak, Kenneth R.
30-Oct-1984Amendment to plan of operations-
1985Fiscal year 1987 through 1990 funding requirements : Hawaii Deep Water Cable ProgramHawaiian Electric Company, Inc.
1985Appraisal of certain vacant land parcels in the Puna district of the island of Hawaii identified as Campbell Estate lands and State of Hawaii landsStellmacher, Richard A.
22-Jan-1985Preliminary results of drilling and testing in the Puna geothermal system, HawaiiIovenitti, J.L.; D'Olier, W.L.
22-Jan-1985January 22, 1985 letter from Ralph A. Patterson, Jr., Diamond Shamrock Thermal Power Company, to Takeshi Yoshihara, DPED, Energy DivisionPatterson, Ralph A, Jr.
Apr-1985The biological resource value of native forest in Hawaii with special reference to the tropical lowland rainforest at KalapanaMueller-Dombois, Dieter
Dec-1985HDWC economic evaluations -- a summaryWood, A J.; Mountford, John D.
Dec-1985Summary of Hawaii Deep Water Cable ProgramParsons Hawaii