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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19841984 - General Subzone Information-
19891989 Geothermal Asset Fund, Ad Hoc Committee Minutes for Meeting Nos.: 2 - 6Kokubun, Russell
1992Chronology of blowout at PGV Well KS-8Planning Department, County of Hawaii
1994Chronology of events : Hawaii geothermal development from 1778 to 1994-
Oct-1989Documents relating to the public hearing about the planning director of County of Hawaii's report under condition no. 6 of special permit no. 392, tax map key 1-4-01, on November 7, 1989-
21-Sep-1990Geothermal asset fund general correspondence-
1987Geothermal exploratory mission to Japan : a report to the Governor's Advisory Board on the Underwater Cable Transmission ProjectCounty of Hawaii
29-Jul-1988Geothermal mission to California : a report to the Governor's Advisory Board on the Underwater Cable Transmission ProjectCounty of Hawaii
7-May-1981Geothermal noise level guidelinesPlanning Department, County of Hawaii
9-Sep-2013Geothermal public health assessment : findings & recommendationsAdler, Peter S.
3-Oct-1989Geothermal resource permit application (GRP 87-1) : Puna Geothermal Venture -- 25 MW (net) development, Kapoho, HawaiiMizuno, Gary
1-Aug-1989Geothermal roundtable on August 1, 1989-
1-Jan-2012Geothermal Working Group report : evaluating geothermal energy as the primary resource for baseload power in the County of HawaiiGeothermal Working Group, County of Hawaii
1992Harry Kim Trip ReportKim, Harry
Mar-1992Information bulletin : Drilling resumption at Puna Geothermal VentureCounty of Hawaii; State of Hawaii
Mar-1992Information Bulletin: Drilling Resumption at Puna Geothermal Venture-
Jan-1967Kau district zone mapPlanning Commission, County of Hawaii
Maui geothermal assessment criteria-
21-Aug-1989Mediation of geothermal resource permit application 87-1 : a final report submitted to the Hawaii County Planning CommissionAdler, Peter S.
21-Sep-1989Meeting minutes of the geothermal roundtable in the County of Hawaii on September 21, 1989-