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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1991Blue Ocean Preservation Society v. Watkins : U.S.D.C. Civil no. 90-00407-
1984Board Submittals: Proposed Designation of the Kilauea Southwest Rift as a Geothermal Resource Subzone and Geothermal Resource Mining Lease Application-
Jan-1990Botanical survey of proposed alternate well sites 2 and 3 and of the proposed roads leading to these sites from well site 1Lamoureux, Charles H.; Whistler, W Arthur; Imada, Clyde T.
Aug-1990Botanical survey of proposed new well site #2Lamoureux, Charles H.
Feb-1990Botanical survey, monitoring, control and assessment program for the BLNR designated geothermal resource subzone Middle East Rift Zone of Kilauea, Puna district, island of HawaiiLamoureux, Charles H.; Motooka, Philip S.
Brief for Governor's Advisory Board on the Underwater Cable Transmission ProjectTrue/Mid-Pacific Geothermal Venture
2002Building materials from volcanic magmaWatson, Louis L.
1-Dec-1976Buoyancy Induced Boundary Layer Flows in Geothermal ReservoirsCheng, Ping
13-May-1990Cable plan far behind schedule foes seek alternative: conservationBorg, Jim
Feb-1987Cable systems : laying a submarine cable means throwing a fortune overboardKnapp, Ronald H.
20-May-1991Calculation of Geothermal RoyaltyTagomori, Manabu
15-Apr-1991Calculation of geothermal royalty memo draft 2Swift, J.
Apr-1991Calculation of Royalties Based on Netback Method - Calculation of Royalty Waiver Based on Expanded Netback WaiverMorris, Steven E.
6-May-1991Calculations of Royalties Netback MethodMorris, Steven E.
14-May-1990California Steaming: Geyers Show Geothermal PotentialBorg, Jim
29-May-1990California's geo regulators have different concernsHarada-Stone, Dave
1983Campbell, R. Gardner, MC. 1983. Geology and Drilling History of the Ashida #1 Geothermal Test, Opihikao Prospect; Hawaii. Berkeley (CA): GeothermEx, Inc.-
Jul-2001Cancellation of the geothermal lease between the State of Hawaii and the Puna Geothermal Venture (draft)Department of Land and Natural Resources, State of Hawaii
1990Capsule History of Hawaii's Geothermal Power-
7-Mar-1991CDUA HA-2258 -- Historic preservation review of archaeological survey and monitoring plans for geothermal transmission line no. 1. Pohoiki through Keaau, Puna, Hawaii : TMK: 1-3 through 4-various sectionsPaty, William W.