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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993CDUA Procedures-
1984Chapter 183 - Leasing and Drilling of Geothermal Resources-
Chapter 196D : Geothermal and cable system developmentState of Hawaii
1905Chapter 67, electric light and power, from the Revised Laws of Honolulu 1905Territory of Hawaii
1945Chapter 83, employees of public utilities, from revised laws of Hawaii 1945State of Hawaii
Chapters 196D, 205, and 205A in the Hawaii Revised StatutesState of Hawaii
Aug-1983Chemical and isotopic studies of the HGP-A geothermal wellThomas, Donald M.; Sakai, Hitoshi
1-Jan-1987Chemical behaviour of geothermal silica after precipitation from geothermal fluids with inorganic flocculating agents at the Hawaii Geothermal Project Well-A (HGP-A)De Carlo, EH
1973Chemical Quality of Ground Water in Hawaii Report R48-
1977Chemistry, Petrography, and Hydrothermal Alteration of Basalts from Hawaii Geothermal Project Well-A, Kilauea, HawaiiStone, Claudia
Dec-1985Chemistry, scale, and performance of the Hawaii Geothermal Project-A plantBaughman, EC; Uemura, R.T.
1979Chloride/Magnesium Ratio of Shallow Groundwaters as a Regional Geothermal Indicator in HawaiiCox, Malcolm E.; Thomas, Donald M.
1992Chronology of blowout at PGV Well KS-8Planning Department, County of Hawaii
1994Chronology of events : Hawaii geothermal development from 1778 to 1994-
1979Cl/Mg Ratio of Hawaiian Groundwaters as a Regional Geothermal IndicatorCox, Malcolm E.; Thomas, Donald M.
1992Clean air act PSD and proposed DOH standards-
1992Comments and Responses to Proposed Substantive Changes Chapter 59, Title 11, Administrative Rules Ambient Air Quality Standards and Chapter 60, Title11, Administrative Rules Air Pollution Control.-
4-Dec-1992Comments on Hawaii Geothermal Blowout Prevention Manual-
Sep-1979Commercialization of geothermal energy in HawaiiKono, Hideto
1990Community Geothermal Technology program : Electrodeposition of minerals in geothermal brineOceanit Laboratories, Inc.