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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Geothermal Complaint Log and Request for Information-
16-May-1990Geothermal Debate Finds New Fuel in Rainforest Preservation Issue-
Jan-1989Geothermal development activities (exploration phase), Kilauea Middle East Rift Zone, Puna district, island of Hawaii : supplemental data for authority to construct applicationTrue/Mid-Pacific Geothermal Venture
18-Mar-1991Geothermal development agreement : by and between Morgan Oil, Ltd. and Barnwell Geothermal Corporation-
1989Geothermal Development Energy Policy and Consevative Measures-
27-Mar-1990Geothermal development impact on the 'OHIA-1' vegetation typeRobyn
Oct-1988Geothermal development in HawaiiLesperance, Gerald O.
23-Oct-1991Geothermal development in the Kilauea East Rift Zone--Status of Reserves Assessment and Injection StrategySanyal, Subir K.
19941995Geothermal development permitting-
May-1975Geothermal development policy for an isolated state : the case of HawaiiKamins, Robert M.
1996Geothermal Development, Consolidated Flow chart-
Feb-2007Geothermal direct use, Kapoho / Pohoiki area : feasibility studyOkahara & Associates, Inc.
1991Geothermal Drilling Program for Barnwell Geothermal Corporation.Craddick, Willis R.
6-Apr-1977A Geothermal electric and nonelectric research facility utilizing the HGP-A well on the island of Hawaii : a proposal to Energy Research and Development Administration, Division of Geothermal Research-
1980Geothermal EnergyFowler, Nancy; Thomas, Donald M.; Yen, Winifred
Geothermal energy : harnessing Hawaii's energy futureDepartment of Business and Economic Development, State of Hawaii
Nov-1986Geothermal energy development in Hawaii : a decade of conflictEdmunds, Sallie
Oct-1986Geothermal energy development opinion in the County of HawaiiSMS Research
1981Geothermal Energy for Hawaii: A ProspectusYen, Winifred W.S.; Iacofano, Daniel S.
Jan-1979Geothermal energy in Alaska and HawaiiGrim, Paul J.; Berry, George W.