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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Aug-1989Administrative Rule 13-1~5, "Rules of Practice and Procedure for Geothe'rmal and Cable Systems Development Permitting", to implement Chapter 196D, Hawaii Revised Statutes-
4-Oct-1989Administrative Rules for Geothermal and Cable System Development PermittingPaty, William W.
7-Jul-1987Analysis of Seafloor Surveys, Inc. precision bottom data between Maui and Oahu in determination of a potential cable routeMakai Ocean Engineering, Inc.
1989Annual Report July 1, 1988 - June 30, 1989 and Including First Quarter FY 90 (Draft)-
Apr-1984Application of new technologies to interisland power cables for HawaiiWilkins, George
Assessing and managing potential health and safety issues related to high voltage direct current transmission linesEnvironmental Research Information, Inc.
Brief for Governor's Advisory Board on the Underwater Cable Transmission ProjectTrue/Mid-Pacific Geothermal Venture
13-May-1990Cable plan far behind schedule foes seek alternative: conservationBorg, Jim
Feb-1987Cable systems : laying a submarine cable means throwing a fortune overboardKnapp, Ronald H.
Chapter 196D : Geothermal and cable system developmentState of Hawaii
1984Conceptual design appendices A-N (Extracted from Hawaii Deep Water Cable Program Bottom Roughness Survey of the Alenuihaha Channel May 1986.)[Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc., Edward K. Noda and Associates, and the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics]
2-Aug-1991DBEDT comments on 1991 Report to the legislature on geothermal and cable development permittingTowill, Murray E.
Jan-1989Documents regarding Act 301 (Relating to the development and use of geothermal energy)-
Oct-1991Documents regarding Lloyd Lewis' visit to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement for the Hawaii Geothermal Project-
Jan-1989Documents regarding obtaining the required permits and licenses for the Hawaii geothermal/cable systems development-
Jan-1990Documents regarding the Sierra Club's request for government records about Hawaii's geothermal project-
Dec-1986Draft report Hawaii Deep Water Cable Program (HDWCP) : Cable repair rationaleHawaiian Dredging & Construction Company; Pirelli Cable Corporation; Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc.
1991Draft: A Report to the 1992 Legislature Geothermal and Cabling Development Permitting-
Jun-1988Energy -- Pele's gift to her HawaiiQuinn, William F.
May-1989Exhibits (Responses) to the Request for Proposal for the Geothermal/Inter-Island Transmission Project-