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Title: Dillingham Final Report, Pahoa Geothermal Industrial Park: Engineering and Economic Analysis for Direct Applications of Geothermal Energy in an Industrial Park at Pahoa, Hawaii
Authors: Hawaiian Dredging & Construction Company
Moreau, James W.
Keywords: geothermal
direct use
Issue Date: 1980
Publisher: Hawaiian Dredging & Construction Company
Citation: Hawaiian Dredging & Construction Company, Moreau JW. 1980. Dillingham final report, Pahoa Geothermal Industrial Park: Engineering and economic analysis for direct applications of geothermal energy in an industrial park at Pahoa, Hawaii. Honolulu (HI): Hawaiian Dredging & Construction Company.
Abstract: This engineering and economic study evaluated the potential for developing a geothermal industrial park in the Puna District near Pahoa on the Island of Hawaii. Direct heat industrial applications were analyzed from a marketing, engineering, economic, environmental, and sociological standpoint to determine the most viable industries for the park.

An extensive literature search produced 31 existing processes currently using geothermal heat. An additional list was compiled indicating industrial processes that require heat that could be provided by geothermal energy. From this information, 17 possible processes were selected for consideration. Careful scrutiny and analysis of these 17 processes revealed three that justified detailed economic workups.

The three processes chosen for detailed analysis were: an ethanol plant using bagasse and wood as feedstock; a cattle feed mill using sugar cane leaf trash as feedstock; and a papaya processing facility providing both fresh and processed fruit. In addition, a research facility to assess and develop other processes was treated as a concept.

Consideration was given to the impediments to development, the engineering process requirements and the governmental support for each process. The study describes the geothermal well site chosen, the pipe line to transmit the hydrothermal fluid, and the infrastructure required for the industrial park. A conceptual development plan for the ethanol plant, the feedmill and the papaya processing facility was prepared.

The study concluded that a direct heat industrial park in Pahoa, Hawaii, involves considerable risks. If a developer wishes to proceed, he should be assured of the viability of tenant processes. No processes were discovered which would obviously benefit by moving immediately to a geothermal industrial park near Pahoa.
Sponsor: Prepared for: U.S. Department of Energy, Division of Geothermal Energy, San Francisco Operations Office, DOE Contract No. DE-AC03-79ET27233
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