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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Effects of energetic diets on growth, blood chemistry, and liver pathology of African catfish, Clarias gariepinus (Burchell 1822)Yilmaz, Erdal; Akyurt, Ihsan; Mutlu, Ekrem
2004Effects Of Feeding Frequency On Growth And Fecundity In An Ornamental Fish, Betta Splendens (Regan)-
2005Effects of feeding raw soybean meal to fry of indian major carp, Catla catla, on growth, survival, and protein digestibilityPatnaik, Deepak; Sahu, Narottam Parasad; Chaudhari, Aparna
2004Effects Of Fish Density On Spread Of Infectious Hematopoietic Necrosis Virus (IHNV) In Rainbow Trout, Oncorhynchus MykissOgut, H.; Reno, P.W.
2005Effects of flow velocity on growth of juvenile cobiaYu, Shyi_Liang; Ueng, Ping-Sheng
2004Effects Of Fresh And Sea Water On Growth, Estradiol-17β Concentration And Ovarian Development In Juvenile TilapiaAltun, Tülay; Sarıhan, Ercan; Kayrın, Levent; Doran, Figen
2006Effects of genetic and environmental factors on sex differentiation in the Europeanseabass(Dicentrarchus labrax)Ron, Benny
2003Effects Of Hydrogen Peroxide, Cold Storage And Descapsulation On The Hatching Success Of Artemia CystsSaygı, Yasemin (Basbug)
2013Effects of Intensive and Semi-Intensive Rearing on Growth, Survival, and V-Shaped (Lordotic) Skeletal Deformities in Juvenile Gilthead Sea Bream (Sparus aurata)Erkan Can
2011Effects of L-Carnitine on Growth of Individually Cultured Cladoceran, Moina micruraSavas,S.; Erdogan, O.; Cicek, N.L.
2004Effects Of Land-Based Trout Farms On The Benthis Macroinvertebrate Community In A Turkish BrookKırkagaç, Mine Uzbliek; Pulatsü, Serap; Köksal, Gülten
2008Effects of Lecithin on Cholesterol Digestibility in the Prawn, Artemesia longinaris (Crustacea, Penaeidae)Haran, Nora S.; Fenucci, Jorge L.
2011The Effects of Light Intensity and Color on Aggressive Interactions in the Dusky Kob, Argyrosomus japonicusTimmer, Rowan; Magellan, Kit
2001Effects Of Light Intensity On Early Life Development Of Gilthead Sea Bream Larvae (Sparus Aurata)Saka, Sahin; Fırat, Kürat; Süzer, Cüneyt
2009Effects of Live Food Organisms and Formulated Diets on Growth, Survival, and Body Protein of Asian Sea Bass Fry (Lates calcarifer, Bloch)Vartak, Vivek Rohidas; Singh, Kumar
2014Effects of Mannan Oligosaccharide (MOS) on the Survival, Physiological, and Immunological Response of the Black Tiger Prawn (Penaeus monodon Fabricius, 1798) when Challenged with two Different StressorsSang, Huynh Minh; Thuy, Nguyen Thi Thanh
2003Effects Of Meal Frequency On Growth And Reproduction In The Ornamental Red Swordtail, Xiphophorus HelleriJames, Raja; Sampath, Kunchitham
2014Effects of Methisoprinol on Innate Immunity Parameters in Intensively Reared European Eel (Anguilla anguilla)Siwicki, Andrzej Krzysztof; Lepa, Agnieszka; Robak, Stanisław; Kazuń, Krzysztof; Kazuń, Barbara; Głąbski, Edward
2005Effects of molting on the growth of primary cultured muscle cells from and Short CommunicationWang, Wei-Na; Wang, An-Li; Nu, Dong-Hong; Liu, Yi-Chen; Sun, Ru-Yong
2007Effects of n-3 PUFA Levels in Live Foods on Albinism, Growth, Survival, and Salinity Tolerance of Flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus) Larvae in Large-Scale Artificial RearingWel, Wang; Xiangyang, Zou; Feng, Yao; Liqiao, Chen