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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1912Social Life of the Crow IndiansLowie, Robert H.
1920Some Conclusions and Suggestions Regarding the Polynesian ProblemHandy, Edward S.
1952Some Head-Hunting Traditions of Southern New GuineaVan der Kroef, Justus M.
1955Status Rivalry and Cultural Evolution in PolynesiaGoldman, Irving
Feb-2006Steps Towards an Anthropological LaboratoryRabinow, Paul
1898The Study of ManHaddon, Alfred Cort
1915Sun-Cult and Megaliths in OceaniaRivers, W.H.R.
1921The Supernatural in TongaCollocott, E.E.V.
4-Oct-2013The Superorganic by Alfred Kroeber, edited and with an introduction by Alex GolubKroeber, Alfred Louis; Golub, Alex
2006Supposed Figure of a Woman?' Homosociality in the British Solomon Islands, 1880-1940Goodwin, Bryonny
Dec-2007Sustainable Development as Cargo Cult: Strange Tales of Scale Making from Melanesia and BeyondGolub, Alex
2006The Symbolic and the Material in the Recognition of Hierarchy among the Austronesian Paiwan, TaiwanKu, Kun-hui
Nov-2003Taiwan Aboriginals and Peoples of the Pacific-Asia Region: Multivariate Craniometric Comparisons.Pietrusewsky, Michael; Chang, Ching-fang
1916The Terms of Relationship of Pentecost IslandSwanton, John R.
2004A Theory of Animation: Cells, L-systems, and FilmKelty, Christopher; Landecker, Hannah
May-2007Thicker Than Blood: The Politics of Water in the Israeli-Palestinian ConflictKucharski, Adam S.
Nov-2012The Time of Anthropology: Notes from a Field of Contemporary ExperiencePandian, Anand
Aug-2007Today the future is made: Chuukese adolescents and their expectations and ambitions for the futureGeerlings, Jolien
1957Totemism on Truk and PonapeFischer, J.L.
2013Traction: The Role of Executives in Localising Global Mining and Petroleum Industries in Papua New GuineaGolub, Alex; Rhee, Mooweon