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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1915Chieftainship and the Sister's Son in the PacificHocart, A.M.
1943Children's Games and Rhymes in Duau (Normanby Island)Roheim, Geza
Aug-2013The Closet, Its Conventions, and Anti-Racist CriticismWiegman, Robyn
2006Coding Control: Governance and Contigency in the Production of Online WorldsMalaby, Thomas M.
2004Coding Free Software, Coding Free States: Free Software Legislation and the Politics of Code in PeruChan, Anita
2004CommentaryBrown, Glenn Otis
Jan-2007Comparison of plants used for skin and stomach problems in Trinidad and Tobago with Asian ethnomedicineLans, Cheryl
17-Jan-2014Configurations of Culture in North America by Ruth Benedict, edited and with an introduction by Alex GolubBenedict, Ruth; Golub, Alex
1963Conservatism and Non-Traditional Leadership in RotumaHoward, Alan
2004Copyright and tabooGolub, Alex
2007Counting Coconuts: Patrol Reports from the Trobriand Islands, Part I: 1907-1934Connelly, Andrew James
2008Creating "Kantri" in Central New Guinea: Relational Ontology and the Categorical Logic of StatecraftWesch, Michael
1997Cross-genre talk: Expanding the groundChernela, Janet M.
11-Mar-2014Cultural Anthropology and Psychiatry by Edward Sapir, edited and with an introduction by Alex GolubSapir, Edward; Golub, Alex
2011Cultural Consonance and Mental Wellness in the World of Warcraft: Online Games as Cognitive Technologies of ‘Absorption-Immersion’Snodgrass, Jeffrey G.; Lacy, Michael G.; Dengah, H.J. Francois II; Fagan, Jesse
1917Culture and EthnologyLowie, Robert H.
28-Oct-2013Culture and Ethnology by Robert Lowie, edited and with an introduction by Alex GolubLowie, Robert; Golub, Alex
1938The Culture History of the Lau Islands, FijiThompson, Laura
9-Dec-2013Culture in the Melting-Pot by Edward Sapir, edited and with an introduction by Alex GolubSapir, Edward; Golub, Alex
2004Culture's Open Sources: Software, Copyright, and Cultural CritiqueKelty, Christopher