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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1891The Melanesians: Studies in their anthropology and folk-loreCodrington, Robert Henry
1892Anthropology: As a science and as a branch of university education in the United StatesBrinton, Daniel Garrison
1898The Study of ManHaddon, Alfred Cort
1899Hawaiian GamesCulin, Stewart
1900The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and ReligionFrazer, James George
1902Guam and Its PeopleSafford, William Edwin
1903The Chamorro Language of GuamSafford, William Edwin
1903The Chamorro Language of Guam - IISafford, William Edwin
1905The Chamorro Language of Guam - VSafford, William Edwin
1906Unwritten Literature of HawaiiEmerson, Nathaniel B.
1911The Mind of Primitive Man: A course of lectures delivered before the Lowell Institute, Boston, Mass., and the National University of Mexico, 1910-1911Boas, Franz
1911Phonetics of the Micronesian Language of the Marshall IslandsKroeber, A.L.
1912Social Life of the Crow IndiansLowie, Robert H.
1915Chieftainship and the Sister's Son in the PacificHocart, A.M.
1915Sun-Cult and Megaliths in OceaniaRivers, W.H.R.
1915Race in the Pacific Area, with Special Reference to the Origin of the American Indians: Antiquity of OccupationMacCurdy, George Grant
1916The Terms of Relationship of Pentecost IslandSwanton, John R.
1917Hawaiian Shark AumakuaBeckwith, Martha Warren
1917Culture and EthnologyLowie, Robert H.
1919The Melanesian Possessives and a Study in MethodRay, Sidney H.