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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1950Ulithi and the Outer Native WorldLessa, William A.
Sep-2005The UN and Indigenous Peoples: A ProcessChernela, Janet M.
Jan-2007Understanding cultural significance, the edible mushrooms caseGaribay-Orijel, Roberto; Caballero, Javier; Estrada-Torres, Arturo; Cifuentes, Joaquín
1906Unwritten Literature of HawaiiEmerson, Nathaniel B.
Jan-2007Use of medicinal plants for human health in Udzungwa Mountains Forests: a case study of New Dabaga Ulongambi Forest Reserve, TanzaniaKitula, Rukia A.
Feb-2010Virtual Economies, Virtual Goods and Service Delivery in Virtual WorldsKosminsky, Eli
Feb-2006Vital Systems SecurityCollier, Stephen J.; Lakoff, Andrew
2002Waiting for Foucault, StillSahlins, Marshall
2002War of the Worlds: What About Peace?Latour, Bruno
Feb-2006What is a Laboratory in the Human Sciences?Collier, Stephen J.; Lakoff, Andrew; Rabinow, Paul
2006Who Is the “Original Affluent Society”? Ipili “Predatory Expansion” and the Porgera Gold Mine, Papua New GuineaGolub, Alex
2-Apr-2015Why Anthropologists Should Support BDSSilver, Isaiah; Golub, Alex
1953Yap Kinship Terminology and Kin GroupsSchneider, David M.