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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003On the Edges of Anthropology: InterviewsClifford, James
2001Persistence of the gift: Tongan tradition in transnational contextEvans, Michael
2006Pre-Angkorian Settlement Trends in Cambodia’s Mekong Delta and the Lower Mekong Archaeological ProjectStark, Miriam T.
Nov-2003A Preliminary Assessment of Health and Disease in Human Skeletal Remains from Shi San Hang: A Prehistoric Aboriginal Site on Taiwan.Pietrusewsky, Michael; Tsang, Cheng-hwa
2006Rediscovering Bark-cloth in TaiwanKu, Kun-hui
2004Rhetorical Virtues: Property, Speech, and the Commons on the World-Wide WebCoombe, Rosemary J.; Herman, Andrew
1961Rotuma as a Hinterland CommunityHoward, Alan
2006Supposed Figure of a Woman?' Homosociality in the British Solomon Islands, 1880-1940Goodwin, Bryonny
Dec-2007Sustainable Development as Cargo Cult: Strange Tales of Scale Making from Melanesia and BeyondGolub, Alex
2006The Symbolic and the Material in the Recognition of Hierarchy among the Austronesian Paiwan, TaiwanKu, Kun-hui
Nov-2003Taiwan Aboriginals and Peoples of the Pacific-Asia Region: Multivariate Craniometric Comparisons.Pietrusewsky, Michael; Chang, Ching-fang
Aug-2007Today the future is made: Chuukese adolescents and their expectations and ambitions for the futureGeerlings, Jolien
2013Traction: The Role of Executives in Localising Global Mining and Petroleum Industries in Papua New GuineaGolub, Alex; Rhee, Mooweon
2004Traditional Medicine in the Marshall IslandsPetrosian-Husa, Carmen C.H.
2006Transformations of Lisu Social Structure Under Opium Control and Watershed Conservation in Northern ThailandGillogly, Kathleen A.
2006Who Is the “Original Affluent Society”? Ipili “Predatory Expansion” and the Porgera Gold Mine, Papua New GuineaGolub, Alex